Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay (Updated 2022!)

Apple Pay, if you own an iPhone, is a convenient way for you to pay for purchases. You can securely store your payment information and tap your Apple Watch or iPhone at the POS to pay.

Many retailers, restaurants, as well as other shops, have updated their systems to accept Apple Pay. Contactless payments are becoming more popular. Gas stations are not an exception. A wide variety of gas stations in the US accept Apple Pay to exchange for gasoline and other goods or services.

If you don’t have other payment options, knowing whether you can use Apple Pay at certain stations can make a big difference. Continue reading for details about each gas station that accepts apple pay.

Fuel Stations that Accept Apple Pay


7-Eleven is very quick to adapt to the latest consumer trends in payment and such. 7&I Holdings, a Japanese company that specializes in contactless payments, owns the company.

7-Eleven can accept Apple Pay for services and products. Apple Pay can only be used in-store.


Marathon Petroleum uses the ARCO brand name for its gas stations in Mexico and the USA. Independent gas stations can use the ARCO brand name provided they are part of the Marathon Petroleum distribution network.

ARCO gas stations are located mostly in the west US, which is not covered by BP. To pay for your gasoline with Apple Pay, you must go into the ARCO gas station.


Although Apple Pay is technically accepted by BP, there are some restrictions. To use Apple Pay at a BP gas station or Amoco, you’ll need to download the BPme App. The downside is that you can use Apple Pay to pay at the pump and in the store with the BPme app.

BP/Amoco is the US’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. It operates around 7,200 gas stations in the US.


Chevron, which is one of the successors to Standard Oil in the US, is the second-largest oil company. It operates approximately 19,550 retail outlets in 84 countries, which includes 8,000 gas stations in America. They also own and manage the Texaco brand and are a major supplier for aviation fuel.

Chevron customers can use Apple Pay to pay at gas stations and can also pay using the Chevron app from their smartphones.

Circle K

Circle K convenience stores often have gasoline distribution facilities. Only 13% of Circle K convenience stores do not sell gasoline. Apple Pay can be accepted at most Circle K locations. However, some may not accept it. You can ask employees ahead of time if a particular location accepts Apple Pay.


ExxonMobil, the largest US oil producer, operates gas stations throughout the country. California has the highest concentration of ExxonMobil stations, but other states such as Texas, Florida and Virginia also have many ExxonMobil stations.

ExxonMobil Rewards+ will allow customers to use Apple Pay at ExxonMobil gas stations. Apple Pay is accepted at all ExxonMobil gas station, but not all.

Kum & Go

Kum & Go, which is primarily located in the middle of the US, is the 24th-largest convenience store chain in America. They have 400 stores across 11 states and are based mainly in Iowa.

To use Apple Pay at Kum & Go gas stations, you’ll need to download their mobile app and use it to pay for gas.


You can find Maverik gas stations in Arizona, Colorado Idaho, Montana and Nebraska.

You will need to link your Adventure Club card and your Apple Pay account to be able to use Apple Pay at Maverik gas stations. You can find more information on their FAQs page.


Shell is another chain of gas stations with a large number of locations in the US. While most Shell locations accept Apple Pay, some Shell locations are not equipped to take it.

Shell offers branded credit cards that can be linked with your Apple Pay. Shell also offers branded credit cards that can be linked to your Apple Pay account. This will enable you to pay at your pump using Apple Pay.


Most Texaco stores can accept Apple Pay for goods or services. Some locations in the midwest US may not be able accept Apple Pay.

Texaco has its own mobile app, which allows customers to pay at the pump or inside the store using Apple Pay. Even at locations that are not equipped to accept Apple Pay, this service is still available.


Another chain of convenience stores/gas stations with more than 600 locations in 7 states. You have likely filled up at Wawa stations more than once if you reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Wawa accepts Apple Pay in all their locations. To pay for gas using Apple Pay, however, you’ll need to visit the store. You will need to download their mobile app to pay at the pump. You can also use the app to pay with credit/debit cards, Wawa gift cards, and Google Pay.

Wawa’s FAQ page can be accessed on their website.

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