Does Sam’s Club Have A Gas Station? (And Should You Even Consider Them?)

Supermarket giants have opened gas stations all over the country. Kroger, Costco and QuikTrip own more than 2,400 gas stations in 50 states.

Supermarket gas stations make grocery shopping easier. You can refuel your vehicle and buy essential groceries at the same time.

Sam’s Club is a popular warehouse club in the US. They joined the trend and opened more than 500 gas stations across the country.

Is it worth the cost to fill up at a Sam’s Club Gas Station, or is it more worthwhile? There are hidden fees and costs associated with Sam’s Club Gas Stations. We will tell you all you need to know!

Sam’s Club has a gas station?

Yes, Sam’s Club opened many gas stations in the United States. Sam’s Club gas stations offer three gas options. There are three types: Premium, Unleaded and Diesel.

These gas options are only available at Sam’s Club stations. However, loyal customers will find it easy to access the vast number of Sam’s Club gas station locations across the country.

To find out which gas options are available, use the Sam’s Club locator. Simply enter your zip code to find the closest one.

Sam’s Club’s Gas Stations are Open to All

Sam’s Club members are required to use their gas station services. Warehouse clubs are not exempt from this requirement. To enjoy their services, they will usually require that you have a membership.

A few Sam’s Club gas stations are open to the public in order to comply with state-specific laws. The number of Sam’s Club stations open to the public is smaller than the number available to members.

Are there Gas Stations at Sam’s Club that Offer Discounts?

A $0.05 discount is offered for every gallon of gas that is pumped. Sam’s Club Mastercard holders will receive a 5% cashback on all gas purchases. This applies to the first $6,000 you spend in a single year.

For the next year of Sam’s Club’s Mastercard use, you will receive a 1% cashback. These discounts are only available at locations that accept Mastercard because this credit card has Mastercard capabilities.

Mastercard is accepted at most gas stations, if not all, in the United States. You should consider applying for a Sam’s Club Credit Card.

What are other discounts available for Sam’s Club’s credit card?

Sam’s Club Mastercards offer many benefits beyond gas discounts. These are just a few.

These discounts will only be available at places that accept Mastercard.

Sam’s Club Mastercards automatically exempt you from any membership fees. It doubles as your membership cards.

Walmart Inc. owns Sam’s Club. These discounts can also be used at Walmart.

Apply for a Sam’s Club Mastercard here for free.

What is Scan and Go Fuel?

Sam’s Club created Scan and Go to simplify the process of making purchases. Sam’s Club members can access the Scan and Go function on the Sam’s Club App. It is available to download for both iOS and Android.

Sam’s Club App allows you to scan items and make purchases directly from the app. Sam’s Club makes it easier to shop online, as you don’t have to go to the checkout counter.

You can also use Scan andGo to purchase gas. Instead of scanning the barcodes on products, scan the QR codes on each gas pump.

Then you can choose your preferred payment method to start fueling your car. You will receive an email with the receipt for your gas purchase. It will be sent directly to the email address used to create Sam’s Club membership.

To describe the use of Sam’s Club’s “Scan and Go Fuel”, the term “Scan and Go Fuel” was created.

Sam’s Club members already have an account? You can use the “Scan and Go” feature to refuel instead of traditional methods.

You can read the other article to learn more about Sam’s Club’s scan and go feature.


Sam’s Club joined other wholesalers to open gas stations in their stores. Sam’s Club has many gas stations across the country.

You can get cashback benefits by applying for a Sam’s Club Mastercard. One of these benefits is a 5% cashback on gasoline purchases within a year (valid only for the first $6,000).

Do you think wholesalers opening gas stations is a good idea or not? What other things can they do that will make running errands easier? Comment below to let us know!

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