When Does Marshall’s Restock? (What To Know!)

Marshall’s, a chain of discount department stores that has over 1,000 locations in the US, is a well-known brand. Alfred Marshall founded Marshall’s in 1950 with a few other investors who were interested in creating a business model that focuses on discounted brand names.

Marshalls has grown to be one of the most popular off-price department stores in America since its inception. They are closely related with other stores that their parent company, TJX Companies, owns. TJ Maxx is one of their sister stores and offers similar products at brick-and-mortar locations.

Continue reading for details about Marshall’s stock levels and details comparing Marshalls to TJ Maxx.

Marshall’s Stock Restocks When?

Marshall’s restocking day tends to fluctuate. Marshalls does not seem to have a consistent day for restocking throughout the year, unlike other major retail stores. Marshalls stores stock their merchandise in a variety of seasons.

Quora.com’s answer says that restocking times vary from one store to the next. They may get three to four trucks per week during the “off season”. Most often, restocking days fall on Tuesdays or Fridays. This is when the store has the ability to stock the items efficiently and/or is in dire need of an inventory re-vamp.

Marshalls may receive multiple shipments of new merchandise every day during the ‘on’ season (also known by ‘peak season’). This includes restocking existing products and putting out new stock as inventory changes over time.

Marshall’s inventory is an off-price retailer. It changes quickly so it’s important to keep checking back often if you want the most current inventory.

Goodhousekeeping.com recommends that you shop at Marshalls on weekday mornings to get the best deals. Marshall’s restock orders arrive late at night, so they are usually restocked and cleaned up before store opens the following weekday.

The store is usually very busy on weekends and Mondays are used to clean up any mess from the weekend.

Accordingly, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to find a middle ground between peak hours, restock times, and Fridays.

Shopping early Friday morning is a great time to shop because shelves are freshened in preparation for the weekend.

Marshall’s Where Can It Get Its Inventory

Marshall’s website states that they are open to many opportunities. Many of their stock is purchased directly from the manufacturer. Marshall’s and other discount retailers can get massive discounts on bulk goods when manufacturers are trying to offload unsold merchandise at the end each season.

The off-price model is built around large quantities of inventory being purchased at a large discount to regular retail locations. Marshall’s is constantly looking for items they can resell to consumers at a discounted price.

Gotthisnow.com states that Marshall’s stores generally sell genuine goods. The major discounts on brand-name items are due to frugal purchase techniques and not theft or counterfeit. You can be certain that the merchandise you buy at Marshall’s is authentic.

Marshall’s is a bulk-buying discount retailer so you should avoid certain items. As brands such as Jackson Ruckar and Sephora have shown, some of these items are easy to counterfeit. These items include:

  • Makeup
  • Parfums and cologne
  • Yoga mats
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Hair products
  • Cheap kitchen supplies

These products are susceptible to counterfeiting or could cause injury if they don’t work correctly. There are many companies that try to make a profit selling inferior or fake goods through discount stores like Marshall’s. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Marshall’s is cheaper than TJ Maxx?

Marshall’s is more affordable than TJ Maxx on many items. There are some differences between Marshall’s & TJ Maxx. Prices on certain items vary depending on the season or department.

TJ Maxx stores usually have a larger selection of accessories and jewelry, as well as designer products. Clark.com says Marshall’s prices tend to be lower and that their selection of menswear is often larger than TJ Maxx.

It is a good rule to pay attention the price tags’ color. There are many similarities between Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, as they both come under the same parent company. One example of this consistency is the color-coding of discounted price tags.

  • White tags indicate a regular price
  • Red tags indicate a discount
  • Clearance price indicated by yellow tags

You’ll find the best deals if you pay attention to color-coded price tags. These items can be snatched up by shopping at a time when the store is quieter, such as after a restock.

Remember that Marshall’s and TJ Maxx both have extensive online collections. These often highlight the best deals at any time. Marshall’s has a section called “Now & Wow”, while TJ Maxx’s has ‘Maxx Score’. These online shops offer the best discounts and sometimes have access to items not available in-store.

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It’s all about timing and vigilance when shopping at Marshalls or other discount retailers. You will be able to shop on the days that the shelves are full of the most affordable items, which is a big advantage in the savings department.

If customers are unsure whether a store in their area has the item they need, they can always call ahead. You can ask any questions in the comments section.

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