Does Chipotle Have Wifi? (What To Know!)

Internet surfing is becoming a common addiction in fast-food restaurants. Chipotle customers should be curious if their walk-in Chipotle restaurants offer WiFi.

To keep customers happy, many fast-food restaurants have WiFi in their restaurants. Does Chipotle have WiFi? Let’s see.

Is there Wi-Fi at Chipotle?

No, Chipotle does not offer WiFi to their customers. It’s not even available for employees. They might not be the best place to eat if you enjoy watching Netflix.

They are also a great place to go if you’re looking for delicious Mexican food and have access to “your” internet. To simply have a good conversation and enjoy a better dining experience.

Why does Chipotle not have Wi-Fi at its location?

According to the company they don’t have Wi Fi for many reasons.

A busy dining room

You will be amazed at how busy their dining rooms are. After you’re done eating, another customer will be waiting to take your spot. Chipotle decided that Wi-Fi was not a good idea for customers as it would require them to sit down after eating.

High Quality Dining

The company also believes that the internet can negatively impact quality dining. They don’t offer Wi-Fi at their outlets or restaurants.

Many people eat while surfing the web, which is a unique connection between food and internet. This is because they want to make more money. Although the second reason is plausible, it could be considered a bit “moral.” It can still be faulted for its commitment to quality food. Many fast-food restaurants offer Wi-Fi in the dining rooms.

Should Chipotle Include Wi-Fi in Their Dining Rooms

Chipotle, unlike fast-food restaurants like Taco Bells or McDonalds, is determined to keep the quality of its food while you eat.

They should however, encourage the use of Wi Fi in their dining rooms to keep their customers happy.

What restaurants offer free Wi-Fi?

Many fast-food restaurants offer Wi-Fi in the dining rooms if you care more about the Wi Fi than the food. Here are some examples of restaurants you could visit, along with their average internet speed. This will allow you to make an informed decision.

  • KFC (1.87MBps).
  • Burger King (3.58Mbps)
  • McDonalds (4.19 Mbps)
  • Taco Bell (14.29 Mb/s)
  • Starbucks (51.16 Mb/s)


Chipotle does not have Wi-Fi available in its dining room because they want to provide quality dining and ensure that people can eat quickly.

This can have serious consequences for their business as they could lose customers to fast-food outlets that offer this service.


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