Does Chipotle Deliver? (How To Order!)

Delivery is an essential part of food service. People new to Chipotle often ask if delivery services are available and how they can be done.

Chipotle is a large restaurant chain in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Do they deliver food to customers? Let’s see.

Does Chipotle deliver?

Yes, Chipotle delivers food through third-party apps. Orders can be made via their website, mobile app, or through third-party delivery services such as Postmates and DoorDash. The delivery service that delivers the food depends on the order.

How to Place a Delivery Order at Chipotle

Follow these steps to place an order on Chipotle’s website and mobile app.

Step 1: Create an account

Install the Chipotle app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Create an account, log into, and complete your profile. The same process can be followed at


You will see Pickup and Delivery at the top of your screen. To see if delivery can be made, choose delivery and send Chipotle your address. Navigate the menus to find the one you are looking for.

Step 3: Choose Delivery


Step 4: Get your delivery

You can stay home and let Chipotle’s delivery partner deliver your food to you.

How to get Chipotle delivered using third-party delivery services

You can order Chipotle and have it delivered to your home via their third-party delivery service Postmates, DoorDash or Uber Eats. Use Postmates to order and receive Chipotle.

  • Open the Postmates App or visit their website
  • Confirm your address
  • Select Chipotle from the restaurant menu
  • Create your menu item, then checkout
  • To confirm delivery, click/tap “Get it Now”.
  • Wait for delivery from food delivery services.

All third-party delivery services follow the same steps.

Can Chipotle Deliver on Its Own?


How to get Chipotle Delivery Rewards Points

When you use the Chipotle mobile app, you can earn Chipotle delivery reward point per successful order. You can only get the delivery reward points if you place an order through the Chipotle mobile app.

Third-party apps or websites, such as food delivery services, will not allow you to receive points. The receipt will not contain the information you need to claim your reward points, regardless of whether it was delivered.

Are You Receiving an Error Message While Trying to Join Chipotle Rewards

If your email address is not working, you will be emailed an error message. If you used your email address to sign up, for example, you will not be able join the rewards.

Why does Chipotle say “Not Delivering at This Time”?

Chipotle will not deliver at this time for three reasons.

  • Being understaffed: If they aren’t available, Chipotle can tell you that they won’t deliver at this time.
  • Materials and equipment: If there are no materials available, Chipotle can close the order system at your location.
  • Curfew and Location Restriction: If Chipotle or you impose a curfew at your location, they will close the ordering system.

Why does Chipotle charge more for delivery?

Third-party food delivery companies had a lot of pricing power due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to an increase in prices. To cater for such an anomaly Chipotle had no choice but to increase its delivery charges. This would ensure that the pricing would be equal. It is a profit-seeking company. Ordering directly from Chipotle currently incurs a $1 delivery fee. This is misleading, as delivery fees are included in the menu price. Pricing also depends on where you are located.

If I have a delivery issue, who should I contact?

It depends on how you place the order. You can contact the team by chat or calling the number 1-833-860-0467 if you used the app or website. Contact their delivery partners if you have any questions.

Can I cancel or schedule my delivery time?

No. Each order will be shipped as quickly as possible. The order will be sent to the courier or restaurant crew for them to process. It is very difficult to cancel an order. If you placed your order via the mobile app, website or app, you can cancel it by contacting our customer support team.

You can contact the company using the confirmation email you received if you placed an order through a third-party delivery service. You may be charged a cancellation fee.

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Chipotle is a casual food delivery service and top-notch food that many people love to order.


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