Does Postmates Deliver Cigarettes? (What To Know!)

Postmates is an online grocery and food delivery service that allows you to order nearly any item from local stores and have it delivered right to your door.

What does “almost everything” mean? Postmates delivers cigarettes. How can you order cigarettes from Postmates?

Does Postmates Deliver Cigarettes?

Postmates is no longer able to deliver cigarettes. Postmates has been discontinued as a delivery service for cigarettes, tobacco, liquor since UberEats acquired Postmates, in 2020.

Postmates, UberEats and Postmates have merged. Postmates made an official statement stating that they will no more be able deliver cigarettes because of the policy change.

Can I have Cigarettes Delivered to My Home?

You can get cigarettes delivered right to your door by using other delivery apps.

DoorDash and Amazon are two of the most popular apps for placing orders of cigarettes.

Is Cigarette Delivery Illegal?

You can order cigarettes online and use DoorDash as a delivery service to deliver them. This varies from one state to the next.

The United States of America has strict laws regarding tobacco and is heavily regulated.

The law states that any delivery driver who sells tobacco products to minors under the age of 21 will be held accountable. These laws do not limit customers. They also apply to delivery drivers.

Online food delivery services have established some restrictions or areas where delivery drivers cannot deliver illegal items. These are some prime examples of restricted areas.

  • Private or public school
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Sport venues
  • Sporting event host
  • Campus of a college
  • Correctional and rehabilitation
  • Veterans’ home and the grounds of the state capitol
  • undefined
  • Locker, or another similar service for package storage
  • Another business that sells cigarettes

If you are a delivery driver and have picked up an order, but do not want to deliver it to the recipient, call the customer service number to discuss the situation. They will then transfer the order to a different delivery driver.

How do I order cigarettes online?

The process of ordering cigarettes online, regardless of which app you use, is very similar. This is similar to ordering food, with minor modifications for tobacco-related products in order to stop minors from buying them.

This guide will walk you through ordering tobacco products via the delivery app.

  • Enter your address into the app (DoorDash, Amazon) and click on the link.
  • To search for your favorite item, tap on the “Find Food” button
  • To search quickly, type the keyword or name of the item.
  • Select the item you want
  • You can pay for your order or opt to have cash delivered (if it is available).
  • Enter your address and contact information

You’re good to go. The ETA will be displayed on your app. You will soon receive your products.

It varies from one state to the next. Some states prohibit the sale of tobacco products to others, while others have more relaxed laws.

Delivery drivers are allowed to deliver tobacco products in certain states. To verify that your order is authentic, show the driver your I.D. if you live in a state that allows tobacco. To prove your age and allow you to receive your order of tobacco products, a driving license, passport or national identification card are all sufficient.


Postmates used to deliver cigarettes and other tobacco-related products, but they have been taken over by UberEats.

Online ordering of cigarettes is legal through many apps like DoorDash as long as you have a valid identification and your state allows it.

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