Does Walmart Deliver Cigarettes? (What To Know!)

Walmart isn’t just one of the most popular and successful grocery stores in America, but it’s also a name that has gained worldwide fame due to its loyal customers.

One problem is that many of these customers smoke. So they visit their shops and buy a pack of cigarettes. But what if they order online?

We can assure you that you will find all the answers you need here, including information about ordering cigarettes online from Walmart.

Walmart delivers cigarettes?

After placing an order online, you can have cigarettes delivered by DoorDash. It is very easy. All you need to do is show that you are over 21 and provide an ID. Then, you can have your cigarettes delivered.

Be aware that not all states allow cigarette delivery. However, the majority of them do so it shouldn’t pose a problem. You can always ask Walmart or your delivery service if you have any doubts.

Keep reading to learn more about Walmart and the delivery of cigarettes.

Do You Deliver Cigarettes to Walmart?

DoorDash will deliver your cigarettes to you if you order them online.

Is Walmart selling cigarettes online?

They do. Online purchasing of cigarettes and other tobacco products, including rolling papers and cigars, is possible.

Although they don’t have a wide selection of products, you can expect to find Newport, Marlboro and Camel among their offerings.

How to get Cigarettes Delivered from DoorDash

To order cigarettes from DoorDash, log in first. Next, choose the special order type and then select the brand and quantity you wish to purchase.

It is very easy. You will be asked for additional information to verify your age. This includes a photo ID to allow legal purchase.

The driver who delivers the cigarettes is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the delivery.

Are Cigarettes Available for Purchase with Walmart Gift Cards

You can use gift cards to buy cigarettes just as you would any other product.

Are Cigarettes from Walmart available for delivery to any location?

Yes, after you have completed the age verification process and other steps necessary for purchasing tobacco products, you must ensure that you are in a legal location for delivery of cigarettes.

Check out the following list to find out which areas to avoid.

  • Other businesses that offer tobacco products
  • Locker or similar storage facility for packages
  • undefined
  • Prison, reformatory or veteran’s home.
  • Campus college (e.g. Frat house
  • Sport venues
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Private or public school

What is DoorDash Tobacco Delivery Policy and how can I get it?

DoorDash allows customers to order cigarettes or other tobacco products. They are responsible for ensuring that their customers do not suffer any legal or health problems as a result of using their service.

They have strict rules to ensure that they are able to lawfully deliver the products to their customers.

Although we have discussed the issues of delivery to restricted areas and age restrictions, the most important aspect of cigarettes delivery is the drop off. states that the Dasher must verify the customer’s age and determine if the person is fit enough to receive cigarettes.

The customer must show proof of ID when verifying their ID. This includes a driver’s licence, valid passport or ID from the Armed Forces.

Then, you can take a few steps that will ensure your ID is authentic.

DoorDash must go through many steps to legally do so. As you can see, it is not an easy process.

Walmart to stop selling cigarettes?

Recent news reports claim that Walmart will stop selling cigarettes in select stores. This is due to pressure from big chains to discontinue selling tobacco products.

Some stories are located in California, Florida and New Mexico.

Walmart has made some changes to its tobacco policies. However, as of today we know only that they will cease selling tobacco products in certain stores. If you are affected by this change, you may need to look for another option.

You can order them as usual if your local Walmart sells them.


Walmart stocks cigarettes and other tobacco products in many of its stores. You can also order them online via DoorDash.

To place an order, you must be at least 21 years old and present a valid ID. There may be an additional fee but you can still get your cigarettes delivered by Walmart.

Recently, it was reported that Walmart would stop selling tobacco products at certain stores. If you want to verify that your local Walmart sells tobacco products, ask.

Don’t be too concerned about it. Most of them still sell cigarettes. And if Walmart doesn’t carry them in your state, you can always search for another alternative.

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