Does Grubhub Deliver Cigarettes? (What To Know!)

Grubhub is a popular US delivery platform due to its many options and excellent customer service, including great prices.

Customers are known to be curious and test the limits of their preferred platforms. This includes unusual services like prescriptions and delivery of cigarettes.

If you’re curious about whether Grubhub ships cigarettes or other tobacco products, then you’ve come to the right place.

Grubhub delivers cigarettes?

Grubhub does not deliver cigarettes, and it doesn’t appear to have plans to add the service. Grubhub offers hot and prepared food delivery from various restaurants and stores.

You can also get delivery from convenience stores that may sell cigarettes, but not through Grubhub.

You should continue reading if you’re still interested in Grubhub and other options that deliver cigarettes to your door.

Grubhub: What can you buy?

Grubhub allows you to order more than food. You can also get small items like batteries and first aid products.

You can purchase alcohol online and have it delivered right to your door, but it is only legal in certain areas of the country.

What delivery apps deliver cigarettes?

You might be disappointed to learn that not all delivery services deliver cigarettes. However, this is a common problem.

DoorDash or Postmates are popular delivery apps. They will accept your order for cigarettes. However, you will need to show ID before they will deliver your order. Once they verify your ID, they’ll complete your delivery.

Keep in mind that platforms that deliver cigarettes can’t deliver them to any other place.

  • Other businesses that offer tobacco products
  • Locker or similar storage facility for packages
  • undefined
  • Prison, reformatory or veteran’s home.
  • Campus college (e.g. Frat house
  • Sport venues
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Private or public school

It shouldn’t surprise that they are unable to deliver to these areas. If delivery services start delivering cigarettes they need to be cautious with illegal activity and health concerns.

Is it legal to deliver tobacco products?

You can buy cigarettes online in some states. However, this is not true for all states.

You can have cigarettes delivered to your home if the state allows it. However, they must follow certain rules. For example, they should not distribute cigarettes to anyone under 21.

Many delivery apps don’t deliver tobacco products. If there was a problem, they would have strict laws to follow. They prefer to keep it simple and deliver other products that don’t require a minimum age or charge fees.

The FDA states that it is legal to sell tobacco products online as long as both the buyer and seller comply with the rules.


Since the advent of delivery apps, obtaining cigarettes deliveries has been a sensitive subject. However, some apps like Postmates and DoorDash have taken steps to make it easier. Grubhub will not be able get you a box, but other platforms may, provided you pay the fee and are eligible.

Grubhub can only deliver food and drinks. However, due to legal restrictions and health concerns, Grubhub won’t deliver cigarettes. There are no plans to expand the service in the future. However, it is possible that this will change if the customer meets all the requirements.

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