Does Amazon Cover Stolen Packages? (Must-know!)

Amazon has made it easy to deliver packages. Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in America, so it is important that packages are delivered on time and intact. Amazon offers a variety of assurances in case a package is stolen or lost.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s theft policies and what you can do if your package is stolen.

Does Amazon Cover Stolen Packages?

The short answer to that question is yes. Amazon offers customers protection with its A-to-Z Guarantee. This guarantee provides guidelines to customers for obtaining refunds in case their package is stolen. Amazon is almost certain to refund stolen items, although there are restrictions and a process that must be followed.

However, there are some things you need to do before reporting your package as stolen. Before you request a refund, it is important to verify that the package was not stolen.

  • To ensure that the item isn’t still in transit, check the tracking number. Sometimes, items may be marked “delivered” a few days before they arrive.
  • Wait at least 3 days from the time that delivery was scheduled. Delivery estimates are subject to error, particularly in cases of extreme weather conditions or busy services.
  • Talk to your neighbors. Sometimes delivery drivers may drop your package at your neighbor’s house by mistake, or if you are unable to reach the delivery address.
  • You can also report loss to Amazon if you are certain that the package was stolen. You can get a full refund for the shipping charges and the item’s cost.

Amazon covers stolen packages from third-party sellers

The Amazon A-To-Z guarantee is designed to protect stolen and lost items purchased from third-party sellers. Amazon prides itself on being able deliver packages quickly and responsibly. This guarantee also adds an extra layer of accountability for customers who purchase from third-party sellers.

Third-party sellers may sometimes ship damaged or improperly packaged goods. However, the A-ToZ Guarantee will cover such damages and losses provided that you can prove their negligence. You should document all communications with the seller and keep track of any tracking numbers or reports regarding the packages.

Third-party sellers can be contacted about the issue to request a refund. This process is identical to the general refund process. Amazon will simply request that you contact the seller to resolve the issue before Amazon issues a refund. You can find the details of Amazon’s refund policy regarding lost or stolen items here.

What should I do if my Amazon package is stolen?

Before you request a refund from Amazon A-To Z, you need to be certain that your package was lost or stolen.

  • First contact the seller. You should wait 48 hours for their response. They will be able to resolve your issue directly with you without needing to contact Amazon.
  • You should not request a refund from the payment provider. You will not be eligible for Amazon refunds if you request a reimbursement from PayPal or your credit-card provider.
  • You must request a refund within 90 days of your expected delivery date. You will not be eligible for a refund via Amazon A-to Z if you wait longer than 90 days.
  • Contact customer service directly to place orders from Amazon. Contact customer service if you bought your item via Amazon Global Store, Amazon Marketplace or Amazon Prime. This will allow you to request payment through the A–to-Z Guarantee.

These are the steps you need to follow to request a refund under Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee.

  • Log in to
  • Go to your Orders
  • Click on “Problem with your order”
  • Choose your issue from the available list
  • Select “Request a refund”
  • Please leave any comments or questions in the comment box
  • Click on “Submit”

Amazon may take up to seven days to review your request and get back with you. Amazon will reach out to you via email at the address associated in your account. The ‘Problem with order’ page will allow you to check the status of your order.

What to do if your package is stolen from the front door?

It can be stressful to receive a package that was marked delivered and then find no package at your address. Most cases are caused by the item being marked as delivered incorrectly or too soon. Amazon recommends that you wait 48 hours after the estimated delivery date to report a stolen item.

Delivery drivers might drop your item off at your neighbor’s house in some cases. Delivery drivers may drop off your item at your neighbor’s address by accident or intentionally if you are not there to receive it.

You should be available on the delivery day to receive your item if you are concerned about it happening.

To find out if your neighbors have received a package that was meant for you, check with them to verify. If no one has seen the package and it is more than 48 hours since delivery, you can report the item as stolen by following the steps above.

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Amazon is quite generous when it comes to refundeding stolen or lost items. Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee protects your order, even if it was purchased from a third-party seller. You are entitled to a full refund in the event that the package is lost or stolen.

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