Amazon Delivered Empty Package (What To Do + Refund!)

Online shopping is a great way to save time and money. However, deliveries can be a hassle and it’s not always as easy or comfortable as we imagine it. This is something that online retailers have shown us.

We only shop at the most reputable companies like Amazon. However, there are still situations that we have to deal with, such as late deliveries, incorrect size clothes and empty packages.

This last one may seem a little strange but it happens. Let’s find out what to do if it happens and why.

Amazon delivered an empty package

You should immediately contact the seller or an Amazon customer representative to report a missing package. Amazon will either replace or refund you depending on the circumstances.

Amazon fulfillment centers receive a lot of packages every day. With so many packages, it is not surprising that they sometimes run into logistical problems, such as sending empty packages.

Continue reading to learn more about the reasons for this and what you can do.

What should you do if Amazon sends an empty package?

You should immediately contact Amazon Customer Service if you receive an empty Amazon parcel. They will be able to help you file a complaint and either refund the purchase or replace the product.

Although it can be confusing to receive an unopened package, it has happened before so there is a solution. We encourage you to continue reading if you want to learn more about this and other related issues.

Amazon sends empty packages why?

Two main reasons this could happen are:

  • Amazon’s high-demand nature can lead to fulfillment center employees making mistakes. One example would be forgetting or skipping the entire packaging process as a box is being packed for shipping.
  • Although it may not be true, it could happen if the item was sold directly through Amazon. They control the packaging and all aspects of where the product is placed. However, if the seller is third-party, it could be possible that it is a scam. You should notify Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission if you have any concerns.

Although there may be other causes, they are not common enough to warrant further investigation. Remember that Amazon is always responsible for an empty package and not the customer.

How does the Empty Amazon Packages Scam Work?

Sometimes, people can ship empty Amazon boxes to customers simply by listing their items and then shipping an empty box.

This applies to third-party sellers. We recommend being careful about who you buy from.

If you suspect it to be a scam, get in touch with the seller to ask for proof of the product. However, if the seller refuses or attempts to make a fuss about the situation, you can contact Amazon and/or the Federal Trade Commission.

What if I get an empty package?

Amazon will reimburse empty packages if they confirm that the order was placed by you, and that the status reads “delivered”.

You won’t get a refund if you don’t have proof that your purchase was made or the status of your order has not been “delivered”.

It’s possible that there were two errors and that you received an unopened package. If this happens, report it to Amazon.

What is the best way to get a replacement for an empty package?

Yes. But only if it was purchased directly from Amazon. If you bought it through a third-party seller you will need to contact them and try to work out a deal.

If the seller fails to comply, you can file an A-to-Z Guarantee. Or, you can request a refund.

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If your package is empty and you notice it, it could have been an error in packaging or a scam. You can either contact Amazon or the seller to resolve the issue, depending on the circumstances.

If all else fails, you can request a return. Make sure you have proof of purchase. Amazon will happily issue a full refund.

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