Amazon Stolen Package Policy (what To Do, Reporting, Refunds + More)

Shopping online is convenient, but you have to wait for your package to arrive, which raises concerns about stolen packages, depending on where you live and how often you’re home.

Amazon’s stolen package policy is that if you have registered with Amazon, if you experience a package theft, you will get a notification on your Amazon account regarding that package theft.

 Many people have been complaining about this issue, so I decided to research into it and here’s something you may not be aware of, Amazon is doing quite well in regard to stolen packages!

What Is Amazon’s Stolen Package Policy In 2022?

I have a new Amazon seller account and got one item shipped this morning, it went out yesterday and not tracking shows it’s been delivered but I can’t locate it. Does anyone know of a way to find a delivery like this or any way I can get my money back as they don’t ship this product out.

If you want to get a refund when a package is stolen from your mail, read all the steps in our guide to how to report a stolen package and get a refund.

What To Do When Your Amazon Package Is Stolen?

The most straightforward way to report an item as stolen is to open your Amazon account and go to “Lost & Found.” Enter the tracking number and report the package as stolen. Amazon will send you a letter telling you to pick up your package.

*The link will automatically open in a new window.

If you haven’t received your order already, go check on your order status. If the package was marked as “Delayed,” then you need to contact the seller with your address, delivery confirmation number and any other relevant information. Contact them to see what’s happening.

If they remember seeing your order, you can try to track it down using the tracking number.
You can also call your order company: most large companies have a way to check that you have the correct information for your transaction.

There is no way the delivery man would drop at the correct house, he is doing the job properly, so he should know the address that he is dropping the delivery at.

For more information, see [Report a Problem]( in the *AWS Certification and Reliability Programs Guide*.

The packages might not be here since the tracking said the package was dropped off in Denver, but you should keep an eye out for it in case it turns up.

If you can’t wait 48 hours, you should check the USPS website to see whether or not the package was actually delivered.

If you live in a regional area, it’s possible you’re being sent to an off-site fulfillment center rather than the closest fulfillment center.

How To Report A Stolen Amazon Package?

Report a missing Amazon package by logging into your account and going to your missing order. There are different ways to report a missing package, but it will require the owner’s email address.

If you bought the item from a third-party seller on Amazon Marketplace, you will need to contact the seller first before you can submit a stolen package claim. This is because, until you have received your refund claim, Amazon does not know that the seller has stolen the item from you.

Under your order details, you can see the option to contact the seller. You can also use the website or app to send them a message and then give them 24 hours to respond.

If you paid by PayPal, you can simply cancel it. They will probably refund the money right away. If they don’t, email them and get a refund.

If you’ve sold an item on eBay or elsewhere, you can make a claim under your transactions by selecting the item and following the prompts to report a claim.

The third party seller will contact you to further discuss the issue and come up with a solution.

This is the only option available for most items. You are correct that you can also claim items from sellers that are not fulfilled directly by Amazon.

If you have filed a ticket, please include your ticket number so we can look into it.

Here is your chance to let us know about any activity regarding your theft. If you don’t give us any information, we will continue to look into things.

For example, if you have a camera, you can mention that it is working and show footage of it.

If you haven’t received any response and it’s been a few days, you may want to contact Amazon Customer Service directly.

Does Amazon Give Refunds On Stolen Packages?

Amazon looks out for your safety and if a package is stolen, they will go to the store and buy it for you.

You would have to look up the specific terms and conditions and laws in your own country. Some countries even have laws that cover situations involving packages being stolen or lost, where they will be compensated for it.

Just like any other business, Amazon also wants to protect its reputation and try to help when their packages are stolen or lost in transit.

You can follow your claims in your Amazon account and then you can get a refund from your credit card on file.

You should do this before you place the order. If you are not sure, email

The original poster may be able to prove that the item was shipped and returned.
The original poster may be able to prove that the item was delivered by the shipper or by the United States Postal Service.

The seller is obligated to ship the item and provide proof of delivery to the buyer.

How Common Are Stolen Amazon Packages?

There are a number of things that you can use Amazon to safely ship. Amazon Key gives you the option to set your own home delivery schedule by setting shipping speed preferences. There are other options available as well, such as setting a signature on the item, which basically means that the seller can leave the item at your doorstep and no one else will be able to pick it up. You can also have in-home, garage, or car deliveries for Prime members using Amazon Key.

Although the company has a good reputation for its delivery and has tried to make deliveries safer, stolen packages are still a growing problem.

There are 17 million packages stolen or lost every day throughout the United States. Unfortunately, these packages are ordered from Amazon.

One in three Americans say they have had something stolen from them. This leads to $25 million per day worth of goods lost. recently reviewed what items Amazon packages are most likely to contain and where they are most likely to be stolen. Amazon packages are most likely to be stolen when they contain electronics, with 37 percent of respondents reporting the theft of an Amazon package containing a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Amazon packages that are stolen are more likely to be found in the same zipcode as the theft so Amazon protects its customers from the stolen packages.

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Amazon is the most popular place to shop online, and has billions of packages shipped every year. However, porch pirates are often on the lookout for Amazon boxes as package theft rises.

The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee protects against package theft and means you should get a refund, replacement or a new item if your delivery is stolen.

You can contact the seller of the stolen package if there are any problems with delivery, and you can start the claim process to get a refund.

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