Porch Pirates Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

I have never heard the term “porch pirates” before. I’ve only heard of “porch monkeys” which is like a kid who would go to your porch and ask for food.

Now that you’ve discovered that porch pirates exist, I’m now going to show you some of the interesting facts (and figures) about them.

Porch Pirates Statistics In 2022

Are you interested in learning more about porch pirates or other questions you want answered? If so, don’t stop reading because I have even more information to share with you! I really hope this helps you understand better about the difference between the two and what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

I found an interesting stat about porch pirates; they first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2010, which is quite a long time ago, considering the phrase is just now regularly used.

Only 54% of the package thefts were resolved, which means that 56% of the cases went unresolved!

Over 64% of Americans were victims of porch pirates, however, it is not surprising. Online orders and deliveries have increased over the years.

Not only is porch piracy on the rise, it is also becoming more sophisticated. One interesting statistic is that in 2021, more than 210 million packages were stolen!

The number of people who search for information online will continue to increase, so we hope that it won’t be a trend in the future.

According to statistics from the United States Postal Service and the Postal Police, thieves are stealing packages from porch of homes. The thefts come in all shapes and sizes, but most often they are of medium sized boxes.

It’s shocking that when looking through average package theft values, that it varies so much within a country. It’s interesting to see that in some places like China, the package theft value is higher than that of many countries and some people feel unsafe having their package shipped to a different country. The reason being that there is a lower package theft value in many countries.

Since these thieves are becoming more common, Americans have been purchasing surveillance cameras and video doorbells to help prevent package theft.

You can also be sure that the people you send packages to won’t get the wrong one and be charged with a crime that they didn’t do.

Amazon saw a huge increase in sales, so it’s not surprising that about 56% of package thefts were from Amazon deliveries.

Some people who lose items on their porch think of getting a dog, since that is what they did when they first lost an item.

When you look at it, it’s really not that surprising that a package theft would happen several times.

While we don’t want package theft to be a problem during the holiday season, we do want to ensure that the packages that we send get there safely.

Piracy has become more common because people are looking to order delivery and receive things. Around 80% of people say that they shop for online.

There is a strong correlation between package theft and Monday.

The issue of time of payment of salaries and of delivery dates for people who work on Friday is an essential matter for the company to resolve, because without it they are not able to sell products to customers. It is an obstacle for the growth of business.

The workweek starts on Monday, so it is a bad time for people to expect their shipments.

A new survey says that Americans are now choosing to have groceries delivered, so it’s no surprise that about 14% of thieves from the porch are taking them.

Another interesting trend in package theft is men are more likely than women to report package thefts.

Millennials have a lot of money and are a lot of fun to do business with, so it’s not surprising that they are some of the most common targets for package thieves.

Men report stealing packages at a rate of 37.6% of the total number of theft reports filed in the U.S. However, women make up 41% of the total number of thefts reported. The most stolen items are televisions, followed by DVD players, VCRs, video games, and laptops.

This means that the price of a generic prescription drug is a bit more expensive for a man, but as the study shows, women are more likely to choose a generic over an expensive brand.

If you are only earning $60,000 in a year you won’t be able to afford a house, so that is why they steal packages from your front porch.

I can’t believe how much I stole, but to be fair, I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into the house. I took some towels and a couple of towels from the bathroom.

A report stated that the total value of package theft exceeded $5.4 billion during 2019 and 2020, and it’s safe to assume the value will continue to go up as more people become porch pirates.

People who are ordering online are also putting packages in the mail and are less careful about them, so package thefts increase for the same reasons.

There are many interesting facts about America. One of them is that 3% of the population thinks they are too smart for the government.

What we need to do as a world is to encourage the United States to be more of a “democracy”.

Hackers take advantage of older people’s fear of technology to get them to download malware and steal their information.

Although, if you do happen to have a camera, it can be pretty fun to watch the video afterwards and see if you can identify who’s taking your stuff.

What Percentage Of Porch Pirates Are Caught?

Since cameras can be mounted on the front or side of the porch, and no one knows where the thieves come in and out of, it’s not surprising that 12% of porch pirates are caught.

How Many Delivery Packages Are Stolen Each Year?

What Do I Do If My Package Is Stolen From My Porch?

However, even when you do everything you can after being a victim, you may not receive your money back on your item, and the person may not be caught.
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There is a vast amount of porch piracy statistics that you should know such as over 210 million packages were stolen throughout the year and over 63% of Americans were victims during this time.

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