What Happens When Usps Package Is Stolen? (Guide)

We’ve all seen the doorbell videos where porch pirates cruise neighborhoods around the holidays, stealing boxes off of people’s properties.

In the face of a huge increase in holiday package theft, the USPS is looking into improving security in its fleet of delivery trucks.

When a USPS package is stolen, the package will be reported to the police and a crime report will be filed.

What Happens When USPS Package Is Stolen In 2022?

When an item is stolen, the customer has options in dealing with the problem. In some cases, the customer may file a claim with USPS and ask for insurance reimbursement. They may also file a missing mail search request. This can be done on both USPS.com and in an inbound postal box.

It can be tricky to decide whether to report a package as “stolen” in mail theft cases, but hopefully this article will help you understand whether that report is actually correct.

What To Do When USPS Package Is Stolen?

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When packages get stolen, it’s disappointing, but thankfully it’s rare, and you’ll likely be able to file a report with the post office as soon as possible.

Once you are positive your package is delivered and has been received and marked as received, you can start cleaning up your order.
Step 3. Start cleaning up your order.
Check your order again to make sure no items are missing. Once your order is clean, start shipping it out.

If your neighbour is your mail carrier, they are probably hiding it under the porch. If I was your neighbour and it was under my porch, I’d hide it right now, you might ask my mother to call the police to find it.

If you have footage of this, please consider it a gift.

If that is not the case, those of you with stealthily placed cameras, or a Ring doorbell, go to the tape – because the evidence is on the tape.

If you can not find the video proof that someone has stolen your package, you can make a police report which is what you should do next.

It can hurt business, because people don’t feel they can trust their packages in the hands of the Post Office.

If you do not have video on your site then I would suggest adding a link to your site to YouTube and embed the video.

If you don’t have any proof that your package was stolen, you can look on the “return” section of the website.

This is a great page if your package was lost. You can easily find your package.

After completing the USPS Tracking, you can request a Delivery Confirmation for your package. You can do this by going to the USPS.com website and filling a Delivery Confirmation Request Form.

If you don’t get your package on time, you can then make a Missing Mail Request.

It even includes the number of people involved, the number of stops made, and the time spent at each stop. This can give a good indication of how long this package has been on the road.

I don’t see a problem. If my package has been stolen, these steps won’t help get it back.

If the package is not available in transit, there is always the chance that the mail service you are using has dropped the package. If that is the case, then the above steps will be helpful in getting it to you.

If the sender insured the whole package, he may use the policy form for
any loss of the package due to the perils insured by this policy.
However, if the sender insured only a part of the package, he may use
the loss and damage form.

If the USPS package was stolen, either the sender or the delivery company will file the insurance claim.

The recipient can request that the sender be reimbursed if they do not receive all of the items.

You will need to file a claim within 60 days from the date that we shipped your order.

In the case of the Priority Mail Express, they are only allowed to be sent to other US locations and not the other countries.

If the item is not in the recipient’s hands by the guaranteed time, or in case the recipient does not accept the item, we will send the item back to you.

Does USPS Insurance Cover Theft?

If you’ve bought insurance, the USPS will cover the cost and package value of the damaged or lost mail.

For many years, the time limit for filing claims was three years from the date the policy was delivered. The standard is now three years.

The waiting period is to ensure that the package has been in a safe and sound place, and that the carrier isn’t just taking a chance on you.

Who Is Responsible If Parcel Goes Missing?

When the buyer receives something that is wrong or damaged, the seller or shipper of the package takes on the responsibility of the refund or replacement.

If you have suspicion of stolen packages, you should contact the seller immediately.

Small businesses are great for everyone, but having package insurance helps take the hassle out and make sure the businesses are covered.

Can You Get A Refund For A Stolen USPS Package?

You can’t get a refund if you bought insurance yourself.
There is an exception if you sold a stolen item to someone, and they have insurance.

If you are the recipient and lose your package to either theft – or USPS, they will not reimburse you for the loss.

The burden is on the seller. The burden is on the seller to reimburse you or to replace the item that was stolen.
The Court will provide further clarification at a later date.

It’s a bit of a problem, because we can’t go around murdering people.

However, the consensus is that if you need to have your mail sent back to you or to the sender, that’s how it’s done.

Do USPS Employees Steal?

The unfortunate reality is, that there are people out there who abuse the US Postal Service, which is why, I have to send all of my mail through the mail.

In 2016, people were stunned by the case of 33 people who were charged because of a package theft.

A defendant in a particular case had tens of thousands of pieces of mail and an order signed by a Federal judge.

So you’ve thought about it, and you think it’s not that bad.
We’re not the first people to have faced this problem, and we surely won’t be the last.

It’s possible that your package could be stolen by someone. Probably not, as 43 percent of Americans reported that they had a package stolen off their porch.

It’s easy to think you’ll steal something from the post office, but thieves are more likely to steal from your mailbox.

How Can You Prevent Theft Of USPS Packages?

It’s important that we as USPS customers take reasonable steps to make sure our packages arrive at their destination, even if they arrive with a few scratches or are slightly damaged.

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With a service like this, the package must be handed to a responsible resident of the home and signed for, or else it’s taken back to the Post Office for retrieval.

They can leave it with a neighbor, but it will be taken back to the Post Office by someone else.

This is a great service; it can be used by anyone. People should be learning more about delivery instructions.

If you want to know more about USPS delivery then you should read our tips about USPS deliveries.


If someone steals a package from the post office, the agency has a very good chance of locating the stolen package.

For example, if a package is lost in the mail, the buyer would be responsible for the cost of the item that was lost.

And as a result, while none of these measures will totally prevent package theft, they can certainly make the theft a less attractive option. Some measure taken to protect your packages from theft is certainly a lot more difficult to take than others.

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