Does Family Dollar Sell Cigarettes? (All You Need To Know)

Family Dollar is great for anyone who needs basic household items. You can find Family Dollar stores everywhere, making it convenient for you to stop in and get what you need.

Family Dollar has cigarettes, as do other discount retailers, but because Family Dollar is much cheaper than the other places to buy cigarettes, you’ll do much better in the long run by buying your cigarettes from Family Dollar.

Does Family Dollar Sell Cigarettes In 2022?

In a new report, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said that it costs less to buy cigarettes at a Dollar Tree store in California than it does at a Family Dollar store in South Carolina. A Family Dollar store is located in Greenville, South Carolina.

If you were wondering how or where you could buy cigarettes at Family Dollar stores, look no further! We have all the information you need in this article!

Does Family Dollar Sell Cigarettes And Tobacco Products?

Family Dollar sells cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, electronic cigarettes, and nicotine gum. Their cigarette section includes tobacco products from brands like Camel, Camels, Winston, Kool, Marlboro, Newport, Benson and Hedges, Lucky Strike, Capri, Marlboro Lite, Camel Lights, and others.

Some items will be hiding in the back of the store, in a room you don’t see.

The locked display case keeps cigarettes and tobacco products in a locked display case. Customers have to ask a staff member to help them.

When you enter the store, they are going to look at the tobacco products and ring them up. Once there is payment in hand, you will be given your tobacco.

For those who just can’t keep the good times rolling, Family Dollar stores sell cigarette lighters, and rolling papers for those times you’ve had just too many.

What Brands Of Cigarettes And Tobacco Products Can You Find At Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is a discount store with a variety of brands of cigarettes.

Does Family Dollar Sell e-Cigarettes?

Yes, the company offers its e-liquid products to customers who purchase e-cig products.

What e-Cigarettes Does Family Dollar Sell?

Family Dollar is currently selling the Mistic e-cigarettes. The company is even selling vape pens and vaporizers. The products are meant to be sold to smokers who want to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping them.

Mistic has released a number of batteries and chargers. They have disposable or rechargeables, wall, car, and USB chargers.

How Much Do Cigarettes Cost At Family Dollar?

The price of cigarettes is influenced by the quality of the cigarettes and the region of the store. The price of cigarettes in Family Dollar stores varies depending on the region and the brand.

An example of this kind of situation is when countries levy taxes on the same product to increase its cost, but without using these taxes to determine price levels.

And because each state taxes them differently, the price you pay at Family Dollar in Arkansas may be different than what you pay in North Dakota.

Many states have higher taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products including Washington D.C. to discourage smoking.

Cigarette taxes in New York and Illinois are the highest in the US.

Although the lowest cigarette prices are in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri, prices are still much higher than in other states.

Further, the amount of taxes and fees is highly variable between neighborhoods.

Do You Need To Show ID To Buy Cigarettes And Tobacco Products At Family Dollar?

The legal minimum age to buy cigarettes and tobacco products in the US is 21 years. Smoking in public is illegal.

The company said that customers buying cigarettes and tobacco products have to show government-issued photo ID to prove that they’re at least 21 years old. The discount retailer says the policy is intended to help protect underage customers from buying tobacco products.

The above example describes the types of identification allowed for entry to the US. Do you have a photo ID? (Note all photos are scanned at the border, and you need to hand in the document).

This seems to be true for university or work IDs that don’t have a photo or the date of birth. The card with the photo and date of birth works fine.

When customers appear to be of a younger demographic, Family Dollar cashiers are required to ask them for their ID.

If you want to learn more about if Family Dollar sells stamps, whether Dollar General sells cigarettes, and if Publix sells cigarettes, then you can also ask our expert.


Family Dollar is a chain of discount retail stores headquartered in White Plains, New York City that sells general merchandise. It also sells tobacco products.

Although these rules don’t apply to the people who buy and sell tobacco products, they do apply to the people who buy the tobacco products.

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