Does Ups Leave Packages In The Rain? (waterproof Packaging, Outside + More)

UPS will make sure that your packages will be delivered to your door the fastest way possible, rain or shine.

In the event it’s raining, UPS will leave your package outside in the rain, but if it’s too cold, they may leave it inside the building. In addition, you may need to be outside during the rain to sign for your package.

Does UPS Leave Packages in the Rain In 2022?

In 2022, UPS’ drivers will deliver packages even when it’s raining outside – your driver will look for a covered area to leave your package and/or use plastic bags to cover any packages in. Drivers will deliver in all weather except severe weather, such as extreme icy conditions. UPS packages are not waterproof, but the bags they use to protect them are.

UPS trucks are reliable, but sometimes it rains. Be sure to keep an eye on your packages, so they don’t get damaged by the rain and get stuck in the wind.

Does UPS Deliver in Bad Weather?

If you have been a customer of shipping companies for a long time, you’ll probably remember when they were the cheapest option for shipping.

It is common for delivery services to deliver packages regardless of weather conditions.

When you sign up for the premium service, you know that they will always make an attempt but they will not guarantee the delivery and they won’t be responsible for any loss on the part of the customer.

* When extreme cold or extreme heat temperatures affect the climate
* When extreme rain conditions cause flooding, landslides and mudslides
* When snow conditions cause avalanches or blizzards
* When extreme wind gusts or cyclones cause power outages or damage

These are not all the reasons that UPS can be stopped.

The bad weather for UPS is that they just don’t deliver in snow, rain, sleet or frost.

UPS drivers will be prepared in any type of situation. They may be in the middle of the ocean and will still be able to deliver that package.

Drivers need to be alert, be prepared and make sure they are covered with protective gear.

One training program for drivers is called the “slip and fall” station, which teaches drivers how to walk on slippery surfaces, like ice.

UPS workers receive tools from UPS, such as weather-proof windbreakers and plastic bags, to protect them from the weather.

To avoid any potential delays in your delivery, always be sure that your package has a confirmed delivery address. You may also wish to check the delivery status with the service provider to ensure that you’re not missing any items in your delivery for the return journey.

Are UPS Packages Waterproof?

These corrugated boxes are sturdy because they create a durable shell that protects the product from damage that is caused by the environment.

The boxes are made of moisture-resistant material.

Even the tough packaging can’t protect your belongings from being drenched.

In wet weather conditions, UPS drivers avoid driving on roads as much as possible and drive through puddles and in parking lots where they can. In addition, they use lights and special tires to aid in visibility in wet conditions.

When the weather looks bad, all UPS drivers carry large plastic garbage bags to protect themselves and their trucks from the elements.

There is an option where you may opt-out of the service for packages coming to your uncovered porch.

If your porch is covered, or the UPS driver finds an adequate alternative that still keeps your package dry, they’ll usually opt to skip the delivery bag, even the special dry bag, unless the package is obviously too wet.

If your package is deemed non-electronics and is too delicate to be packaged in these plastic bags, what happens next is largely up to your courier.

Sometimes, UPS drivers don’t want to leave the package and they want to fight with the customer. They think if they fight with them, they can make the situation disappear faster. However, the customers usually complain about this act and a lot of people say that they should never do this.

Some drivers will accept an oversized delivery regardless of the weather because if rain is in the forecast, it’s up to the recipient to be there to accept their oversized packages.

Some couriers say they will leave a delivery note for customers.

If you receive a damaged package, you’ll get this notification so you can contact them or choose not to give them a chance to redeliver the package.

Other drivers say they call their supervisors to pick up a shipment at a UPS center.

With that being said, if your garbage can is taking up more room in your home than you’d like, there are things you can do to resolve the situation like removing clutter from the closet and reorganizing furniture and clothes that take up space.

How Can I Protect My Packages in the Rain?

It’s important to make sure that your package is well protected and there are some things you can do to ensure that you get your package to your local UPS courier without issue.

One strategy to avoid being stuck with your package is to leave instructions for inclement weather under your ‘delivery note’ section.

If you are using a mailbox that does not have a slot for packages, place your package in a brown paper bag and put it close to the house.

One option is to have your shipping company hold onto your package until the item is delivered. This might help to prevent the item from getting wet during transport, but if the package gets wet, you’ll have to request that the shipper leave a delivery notice for the carrier.

This article makes another great suggestion: visit your local hardware store and pick up a large, plastic storage container to keep on your porch!

And just like that, your porch is transformed into an iced beverage dispenser.

Just be careful with the ice!

This setup will work quite well for a single person, but I imagine you might need a lot of help if you have a lot of guests, or if you’re just getting started at this.

You can either leave a note on the FedEx box, or better yet, let your driver know in advance via delivery instructions that they
should throw your packages in this box.

Using a package box allows packages to stay safe and secure in your car during the winter, while also making them less likely to be stolen.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know in the comments, or if you still can’t find the answer, you can also post it in our forum.


Weather can impact a package delivery as a result of natural disasters, accidents, and also as a result of a package not being properly secured due to an unsafe delivery method.

Most UPS drivers do everything in their power to help protect your package from damage from the elements, including:
* Finding a sheltered place to leave your package.
* Using waterproof bags to protect your package before delivery.

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