Should I Tip Amazon Delivery Driver? (Find Out!)

Amazon is a large company that sells millions of products every day. Amazon has thousands of delivery drivers available seven days a week to ensure that you receive your packages on time.

It’s easy to wonder if you should tip Amazon delivery drivers because of how efficient and quick they are. Here’s what we know

Do I have to tip Amazon Delivery Drivers?

It is not common to tip an Amazon delivery driver. Amazon delivery drivers are not like Fedex or UPS, and they don’t get tips on a frequent basis.

Amazon Fresh is an independent service, so many people tip them.

Keep reading for more information about tipping Amazon and what to expect with Amazon.

What is the Average Salary of Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Amazon has raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour for U.S. workers in 2018. Seasonal workers often see a raise in their pay as they gain more experience and work overtime during busy holidays.

Amazon’s minimum wages are higher than those of most other companies.

However, Amazon delivery drivers will appreciate a tip.

How can you tip an Amazon driver?

Amazon does not allow you to tip drivers or staff on its site (except if you are on Amazon Fresh).

To tip your driver, you will need to be at home when they deliver your products.

As they rarely receive much (if any) tipping, a small tip of $3 to $5 will make their day.

You can leave an envelope at your door if you’re not home or don’t have a person to open it. However, this is very risky because anyone walking by your apartment could see the envelope and take it.

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You are not expected to tip Amazon delivery drivers if you order standard items.

If you order groceries from Amazon Fresh, however, most people leave a tip of between $3-$5 per order.

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