How To Return Amazon Fresh Totes? (Easy!)

Since their launch, Amazon Fresh has been a big fan of mine. It makes grocery shopping so simple and convenient.

Problem is, I ended up with over 30 Amazon Fresh totes at once. They were too valuable to be thrown away. How can you return Amazon’s new totes?

How to Return Amazon Fresh Totes

If you don’t use your bag and don’t want them to go, Amazon offers totes pick ups. If you leave your bag outside, the courier will pick them up when you drop off your new groceries.

Continue reading …. to find out more about Amazon Fresh Totes. From recycling to returning them.

Is it necessary to return the Amazon Fresh Green Tote?

If you do not want to return your Amazon Fresh totes, there is no need to.

These bags can be recycled in any way you like. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use and helps conserve the environment.

Amazon Fresh green bags are sturdy, and many customers love using them for everyday tasks.

How do you request a tote pick up for Amazon Fresh?

You cannot request a Amazon Fresh tote pick-up at this time.

You can only return Amazon Fresh totes in-store or leave them at your door during the next delivery.

When delivering new Amazon Fresh groceries, the delivery driver will pick up your old bags.

What do you do with Amazon Fresh Ice and Tote?

Both the ice packs and the tote are made of recyclable material. They can be disposed of at your local recycling center, or placed on your curbside recycling bin.

Recyclable materials can also be used to make brown paper bags or cardboard dividers. They can also be taken to a recycling center.

Amazon Fresh doesn’t pick up brown paper bags or ice. Only the green totes are available at this time.

How to Fold Amazon Fresh Tote

To fold your Amazon Fresh tote down the easiest way is to empty it completely. Remove all cardboard and ice packs.

You will then use the main bag to store all your other items.

Grab another bag (empty) and fold it flat to make a square.

This video shows you how to fold your Amazon Fresh Tote down for storage and return.

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You can return your Amazon Fresh bag by placing them outside your home during the next delivery. When you receive your new groceries, the Amazon Fresh driver will take your old totes.

Many Amazon Fresh items can be recycled and taken to a recycling center to reduce waste.

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