Does Safeway Recycle Plastic Bags? (+ Do They Have A Bottle Return?)

When it comes to waste, grocery and retail stores are continuously creating new ways to reduce waste management. Many stores are implementing practices such as recycling into their waste routine.

Some of you may be wondering if Safeway recycles their plastic grocery bags? If so, you’ll be pleased to know their plastic bags are recyclable here in California.

Does Safeway Recycle Plastic Bags In 2022?

Every store will be offering plastic bags for customers beginning January 1, 2019. Safeway stores do not have a separate area to dispose of plastic bags for you to use. However, there are recycling depots throughout the store that offer this convenience.

If you would like to become a Safeway member, if you can use reusable grocery bags, if the store offers a bottle return, and so on, continue reading through this article for more useful information.

Does Safeway Accept Bottle Returns?

Safeway has been partnering with companies such as BottleDrop. It is allowing people to place recycling centers on its properties for customers to deposit bottles for them to take.

Safeway Canada teamed up with Return It Depot to give Vancouverites a place to drop off their glass and plastic bottles.
There are three locations in the city where customers can drop off their bottles.
Once filled, they’ll be collected by the company and turned into bricks that can be used for insulation.
The recycling center can take about one dozen bottles in one load.

This is a great opportunity to get rid of your old wine. No matter which store you buy it from, you are welcome to return your empties with a Safeway Gift Card.

Customers who would like to utilize the Safeway bottle return service should inquire about their participation as to whether their local Safeway accepts the return of their bottle.

To find a participating store, customers can look up a store on Encorp Pacific’s search engine. Recycle Stuff works similarly, and BottleDrop searches Bottle Depot, which is a site that sells bottles, water bottles and water bottles accessories.

Currently, Safeway stores in Oregon, San Jose, British Columbia, plus many other locations offer a return or exchange program for bottles.

Does Safeway Pack Groceries With Plastic Bags?

Safeway stores decided to switch over to cloth bags and they would not be supplying plastic bags to their customers.

Customers are going to have to use grocery bags or pay a small fee to continue purchasing a bag at the grocery store. This is the last week customers will be able to bring their own grocery bags to the store.

The ban isn’t yet in effect. However, it is unclear when it will be in effect. Customers can call their local Safeway to find out if they want to use alternative bags.

Additionally, if a customer’s Safeway does not use plastic bags and they would like an alternative, they are recommended to purchase reusable grocery bags and bring them to Safeway when shopping.

Does Safeway Sell Reusable Bags?

Safeway is doing its part to help the environment by not only helping customers to use reusable bags but actually give out paper grocery bags when they purchase groceries.

Reusable grocery bags that you can use over and over are usually $0.99, but they vary in length and size and the more you buy, the more they cost.

People can ask for a price for reusable bags at their local Safeway, or they can go to their store and check if a price is available for it.

Does Safeway Recycle?

Safeway was environmentally conscious and recycled long before this time, and has been for over 50 years.

Safeway’s Environmental Initiatives are recycling depots located outside of every store for customers to utilize, and are encouraging them to use reusable bags as a way to minimize the amount of waste produced.

American Apparel will be making a push to reduce its waste, both in amount and in form. They have a recent goal to divert an average of 70% of materials from landfills through recycling plastic and other recyclables, as well as composting other store waste materials.

If you are looking to learn more on how you can recycle and save money while doing it, you can also read our related posts on whether or not Target, Home Depot, and Walmart have recycling bins for plastic bags and bottles.

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