Can You Recycle Subway Packaging? (papers, Cups, Straws + More)

It’s a sandwich chain (subway), which makes them create a lot of waste. So, I wondered how you could recycle any of their packaging.

1. The paper used in the packaging is actually made of trees.
2. Many of the sandwiches are prepared on paper that is compostable.
3. They are made from recycled paper or recycled paperboard.
4. When they are finished, they are disposed of into a recycling bin.
5. They are also made from material that is biodegradable.

Can You Recycle Subway Packaging In 2022?

Fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King have started implementing in-store recycling programs for recycling programs, because they want to make customers more aware of recycling more sustainable materials.

if you want to find out whether or not Subway uses recycled packaging and what it’s made from, keep reading!

Can You Recycle Subway Cups?

It is a bit ironic that the company, which brought us the plastic cup, which is the most used and discarded plastic item in the world, has gone back to polystyrene.

They are made from recyclable thermoplastic, that is, they can be recycled at any of the many locations that accept plastics.

So, what is a reusable water bottle?


What a great way to get started for the month of June!

Can You Recycle Subway Paper?

 If you have paper and ink that Subway is using and you can find out who makes them, you can contact that company and ask them where to recycle to.

So you can also compost the paper that makes up the container in which your food is wrapped in.

Can You Recycle Subway Salad Boxes?

Yes, you can take those compostable containers back to a local recycling facility.

As long as it’s made from PETE, which is made from post-consumer waste, it can be recycled.

The material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is called The Next Generation Poly BAG.

Can You Recycle Subway Napkins?

Yes, the napkins are handmade using recycled fiber and printed with soy and water-based ink.

Paper napkins, in general, can be recycled so long as they haven’t been used to mop up grease. Even a reusable cloth napkin would work, but make sure that you wash it beforehand!

Not only are napkins biodegradable, but you can also compost them or even use them to make compost.

Are Subway Lids Recyclable?

In the U.S., there are currently only a few cities that have a recycling facility that accepts these plastic lids. You’ll need to check with the city hall for more information on this.

Are Subway Bags Recyclable?

I have heard of people who have been known to put the plastic into a paper bag and recycle it. However, it might be easier to take it to a recycling center.

If you choose to not use a plastic bag from the counter, you’ll help preserve the planet.

Does Subway Use Recycled Materials?

Subway has strict standards regarding environmental protection to ensure an environmentally responsible operation.

Packaging is designed to make foods last longer, so it doesn’t end up in landfills.

That said, Subway’s “Subway” brands are made with 100% recycled material, and the napkins are made with 100% recycled fiber.

also, it would be a shame to throw away such a valuable resource, but then again, we have to think of the future, we can’t just keep on wasting resources.

You can get reusable Subway sandwich bags, and Subway has partnered with Ocean Conservancy to be the first restaurant chain to plant 500 million trees.

Is Subway A Sustainable Company?

– Installed bike lanes to encourage transit use and reduce dependence on private automobiles
– Has a “buy one, give one” program to support low-income communities that help others to reduce food waste through the donation of non-perishable food.

To learn more about Subway, you can read our other articles on whether or not Subway has salads, if Subway has pizza, and if Subway has soup.


Unfortunately, Subway is still only recycling cardboard containers, not the containers and the products themselves.

Subway uses a paper blend that is made from wheat and recycled content. The cups and sandwich paper are made from recycled plastic. The salad bowls and lids are made from polypropylene.

Additionally, Subway napkins are compostable and recyclable, but should be disposed of depending on what they were used to clean up.

: The restaurant’s napkin is made of a blend of recycled paper and natural pulp that is compostable.

In order to cut down on waste, Subway has several initiatives in place across the company. For example, Subway has a recycling program that is fully integrated in the design of their sandwich bags. They also have an organic garden that the company donates to local organizations. Subway’s food waste is also donated to local food pantries.

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