Does Target Recycle Batteries? (all You Need To Know)

The recycling of the Lithium-ion batteries can bring about many environmental
benefits. The recycling materials can be reused to ensure that the recycling
process does not create more waste. Batteries have a relatively low energy
density which means that the volume of energy they store is relatively
small. Batteries, therefore, are a relatively low-risk source of energy
generation if properly managed.

Target has a recycling program that allows you to drop off your used batteries at any Target store and have those batteries recycled for a small fee. These programs aren’t available in all Target stores though so you may have to look in an area near you to see if they have this service.

Does Target Recycle Batteries In 2022?

Many recycling organizations and companies have put together recycling programs. For example, you can recycle batteries through Earth911. Also, companies like Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Staples will recycle batteries and offer recycling programs. You can find additional information about recycling on their websites.

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What Items Can Be Recycled At Target?

Recycling material can be taken to a number of places and recycled.

Target’s first recycling bins were introduced in 2010 but now there are four bins by Guest Services for added convenience to its customers who want to recycle any of the above items.

Also, the chain organizes events in which customers can return larger products such as refrigerators and air conditioners to obtain coupons for recycling. Additionally, the company also organizes events where customers can obtain coupons in return for recycling larger products.

They also have an event called Receive & Return where they have car seat exchanges. People can trade-up for one of their infant car seats by bringing in all of their old seats and having them inspected. If the seats pass inspection they will trade-in for a similar new seat.

Which Stores Recycle Batteries?

The EPA has a process where you can send in your old batteries and get a credit of 30% of the value of the batteries. The only catch is that this only applies to recycled batteries.

Lowe’s is working with a company that is specifically geared towards recycling the batteries of e-devices.

As an example, many public libraries have battery recycling bins that are available to the public.

Call2Recycle and Earth911 both provide valuable information and tools if you are looking to cut the middleman out of your waste disposal plan.

You should check with your state or local government to see what rules and regulations, if any, they have.

Battery recycling is not a legal activity in all the country and you must check locally what the regulations are for your state/area before looking to recycle your batteries.

Which Batteries Can Be Recycled?

Most lithium-ion type batteries that are available are made of the materials that are listed in this table. All of them must be recycled as described in the table below.

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Target does not recycle batteries, but their store offers recycle bins for many other items, such as aluminum cans, glass bottles, and electronics and MP3 players, etc.

You can have your batteries recycled at many places. Some include Home Depot, Staples, Lowe’s and many more. If you want to get batteries recylced more systematically, you can use sites like Call2Recycle and Earth911.

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