Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries? (your Full Guide)

Home Depot sell batteries for all the common things from cell phones and laptops to TV remotes. They also sell batteries for a wide variety of different purposes.

It appears that Home Depot does not recycle batteries, and they also do not provide any specific information on their website about how they recycle batteries.

Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries In 2022?

Habitat for Humanity is partnering with P&G Clean-Up to help bring awareness to the importance of recycling. P&G Clean-Up will distribute reusable cleaning products and equipment such as mops, gloves, and cleaning tools to local Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

If you want to learn more about recycling electronic waste, what other stores can take your batteries for recycling, and much more, keep on reading!

How Do Call2Recycle Bins Work At Home Depot?

Home Depot has bins at their stores where customers can drop in rechargeable batteries.


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You can take the battery charger that came with your electronic devices to nearby recycling bins where they will be recycled. Wrap your charger with a plastic bag to prevent anyone from taking your charger.

Once they are ready for pick-up, bags may be brought to a drop-off location, or picked up by the customer.

What Batteries Does Home Depot Take For Recycling?

Home Depot is taking a variety of rechargeable batteries, including lithium and cell phones.

All the products available on the market that are in use, and it will help you to keep them in tip-top shape.

It is important to note that there should be a label on the battery which indicates its watt hours capacity. If you are recycling a battery which has a label showing a lower watt-hour capacity than what you have, you will have to pay a fee for reclamation.

How Do You Dispose Of Rechargeable Batteries?

You should not throw away rechargeable batteries because it is illegal to litter. It is illegal to throw batteries into the trash in many cities and states.

 You can throw lithium in the trash if you’re in the USA, but you can’t in the UK, so you need to make sure you know where you are before you throw away your cell phone.

Batteries are no longer reused or recycled at some stores, but you can still drop off your old batteries at the local recycling center.

Why Is It Dangerous To Throw Away Batteries?

Since there are no regulations in place to monitor batteries that are thrown in the garbage, there is no way to ensure that landfill sites are not polluted.

Chemicals that are used for cleaning can contaminate soil and groundwater which can lead to trouble with plants.

Fish in the pond can get poisoned from the toxins and then animals can eat those which are contaminated which can put people at risk.

But you can also just keep them in the fridge or freezer. They will retain most of their power for much longer if they are kept frozen.

Having batteries in the wrong place can cause accidents in your device and the environment.
So, take care of batteries and be safe with them.

Which Stores Recycle Batteries?

Batteries and batteries, we do it all day long. So, we’re partnering with a number of other stores, many of which are in the energy storage business, and they’re able to recycle the batteries for us, and we’re able to recycle them for the customers.

You can order a free recycling kit which includes prepaid return mail addressed to your home.

If you are recycling electronics, you can also recycle old computers or printers along with your rechargeable batteries.

Staples also offers its own on-site recycling for the following types of batteries: lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and small sealed lead-acid.

However, if you can find a non-single-use battery, such as a Duracell with a long warranty (1 year on a regular battery, 3 or 5 years on a heavy duty battery) it will still work, even with a different brand of batteries than those you used before.

H-E-B,, HEB Grocery, HEB Market, HEB Market Fresh, HEB Pharmacy, HEB Shell, Sam’s Club and Whole Foods.

Of course, before going to recycle or sell your used batteries, it is best to know their recycling rate. If you do not know the recycling rate of your batteries, then you should check the label which is on the side of your batteries.

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Conclusion: Do Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Home Depot partnered with Call2Recycle, a company that leaves recycling bins at stores across the country.

The battery is not recycled internally at any of these stores, and they don’t have a partnership with Call2Recycle.

It is important to recycle batteries appropriately in order to prevent the release of toxic heavy metals into the soil and atmosphere.

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