Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries, Paint, And Lightbulbs?

Ace Hardware is an American brand which sells a range of hardware products in online and physical store environments. Their products include home improvement goods such as tools and hardware for a variety of activities as well as electrical goods for both home and building use such as electrical wiring and electrical sockets.

If you regularly visit Ace Hardware, you may notice that it can recycle batteries, paint, and lightbulbs at its stores; I’ve done the research, and here’s what I found!

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries, Paint, & Lightbulbs In 2022?

Ace Hardware’s recycling efforts will begin in 2022. You can take batteries and lightbulbs to the front register in the store where the company will take care of recycling. Some Ace Hardware stores will also accept paint for recycling. This is done through PaintCare or other third-party companies.

The recycling bin is located in the front of the store near the cash register. A sign outside the bin will direct you where to place your recyclables. Make sure you read the sign. The best time to do this is during a sale. When you’re putting in the items, place the item into the bin and then put the bag into the bin as well. It is helpful if you bring a bag or garbage bin.

How Do I Recycle Batteries, Paint, And Lightbulbs At Ace Hardware?

To use the recycling center at Ace Hardware, you’ll need to be able to carry in your batteries, paint, and lightbulbs.

PaintCare is a recycling program at Ace Hardware, so if you have certain products that you don’t want anymore or that have been damaged, you can have those items removed and recycled by PaintCare.

In a cooperative business, it’s more than likely that not all locations will offer the same services.

Batteries, paint, and lightbulbs are included in the trash, as they are considered waste.

If you want to know more about what to do with specific items, visit the links below to learn more.

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries?

To make a recycling program, the business must have an efficient and cost-effective recycling system to eliminate the use of hazardous materials and the disposal of batteries in landfills.
Also, it must be able to receive, sort, and sell the batteries.

What Batteries Does Ace Hardware Recycle?

Most places recycle standard, consumer AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt batteries.
You can usually buy alkaline or lithium batteries from a hardware store.
There are some locations that will accept other types but they may be very limited.

For example, the types of batteries that many Ace Hardware locations will accept include: alkaline, deep cycle, car, and motorcycle batteries, as well as all-purpose lithium batteries.

But you need to make sure that your battery charger is made for lead-acid and not flooded lead acid batteries.

I tried Googling what batteries they take. But, I couldn’t find the website.

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Paint?

You’re not paying us for the service, but for recycling. We’ll pay you if we have to. Our contract with our collection partners is very clear on that point. If the paint cannot be recycled, the fee will still be applied.

PaintCare is the manufacturer and distributor of PaintCare products. PaintCare products are sold at Ace Hardware stores and True Value hardware stores.

However, there are companies that offer to take in paint for a small fee, such as ePaint and EarthPaint, which offer paint recycling for a small fee.

You can recycle paint at some locations of Ace Hardware, but some locations will charge you. In fact, there’s a list of Ace Hardware locations that do accept paint recycling.

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Lightbulbs?

The stores can also host a recycling initiative where they will help consumers recycle their old light bulbs.

When you visit Ace Hardware, you can choose from a selection of lightbulbs to light your workbench.

What Light Bulbs Can Ace Hardware Recycle?

As stated on their website, Ace Hardware can recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs in various forms, including tubes up to eight feet long.

When broken bulbs or lamps are returned to Ace Hardware, only new bulbs or lamps are accepted.

Also, Ace Hardware will only refund your return if the item is defective and the customer returns it within 90 days.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Recycling Products?

Ace hardware is now selling a range of recycling products so that customers can have a easy way of recycling those unwanted items and materials.

For example, a can of soda and a bottle of milk can be put into a canister. Recycling this can and bottle is as good a way to recycle as it is to take to the trash. You can put them in recycling bins and, if you’re lucky, they will end up in a recycling center where they can be recycled.

Do Ace Hardware Stores Recycle?

Ace Hardware does not offer any type of recycling because of the fact that they do not believe the community will accept the recycling.

Ace Hardware reduced its carbon emissions by reducing its emissions at its facilities that make and distribute building supplies.

Ace Hardware has declared that they are not going to have any landfills and are looking for another way to get rid of their unwanted garbage.

New Ace Hardware locations will open in Texas and Ohio. Some stores will run on motion-deception lighting which is energy-efficient and uses hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Is Ace Hardware A Sustainable Company?

Ace Hardware provides recycling services for its employees and customers, as well as offering sustainable practices within their own operations.

Ace has made huge investments in new energy-efficient paint plant technologies, as well as improved water reclamation technologies.

Ace Hardware donates to charity programs, contributes to youth education and advocacy programs and is a great community partner.

To make it easy to start thinking about what we can do with the trash that we collect, here are 5 other places you can use your old clothes.


as part of its sustainability plan, ace hardware can recycle batteries, paint, and light bulbs at select stores.

You might not be able to recycle some of your products in your local Ace Hardware store.
>> So, what I would recommend is to get some large plastic bags
>> and put it in the freezer.

Ace Hardware has limits on how many items you can recycle at one time, such as 5 lightbulbs within one day.

On top of that, if you have a paint recycling party, you may have to pay to have the waste picked up, and have it disposed of properly.

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