Does Target Have Bottle Return? (all You Need To Know)

The reason for drinking bottled water are to prevent water-borne diseases and clean drinking water is found from underground water supply tanks, well water, municipal water systems and tap water.

Target does not have an online return policy for products purchased through their website

You’re required to bring the receipt to any Target Store, and then return the products.

This information was confirmed by a Target employee in-person.

Target employees at any of their stores will be able to help you with returns.

Does Target Have Bottle Return In 2022?

Bottle return is offered in many Target stores. The bottle return stations are positioned at the front of each Target store and are where you return empty plastic and glass bottles and cans. The cans can also be deposited into recycling bins located at different stores, but this varies by state.

For a complete list of stores which accept returned bottles, and their policies, see our list here. There, you can also find a list of stores which have their own return system, and the type of bottles they accept.

Does Every Target Store Have A Bottle Bill?

States have their own bottle recycling programs. Most are bottle bills or deposit programs. Currently, the states are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Texas.

Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. These states will have the return bottle system in place.

Which Bottles Can You Return To Target?

Target says that they’re accepting all sorts of containers, but they’re looking for recyclable items.

You can also return bottles that previously contained any kind of liquid, regardless of what kind the bottle originally contained.

How Do You Return A Bottle To Target?

It is very simple to return a recyclable bottle to a Target store. Almost every Target has a guest recycling stations situated at the front of the store where you can return a recyclable bottle to them and ask them to send it back to the manufacturer.

Simply drop off your used containers into the recycling bins in the correct location, and ask a member of staff for more information about the deposit system.

When you visit your nearest Target, you can also find out if it has a deposit scheme

Target started the deposit scheme in a few markets in 2016, and has since rolled it out to more than 100 stores, including a few in California and Texas. It’s a customer-friendly practice that provides convenience by eliminating the need for people to carry cash, and a benefit to Target by helping to increase the average customer in-store.

What Is The Bottle Deposit Fee At Target?

When calculating a deposit of 5 cents for bottles under 24 ounces and 10 cents for bottles over 24 ounces, California is considered to be the most expensive state to recycle bottles.

When you return the bottle to the guest recycling station at Target, there are different things that can happen depending on whether you choose to get this deposit back or have it donated to a non-profit recycling company.

What Are The Benefits Of Bottle Return?

Bottle returns can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of bottled water you consume.

If you return the empty bottle to the right company, the company will give you a certain amount of the bottle deposit back. In order for the bottle deposit to be converted to a discount on other products, you have to return the bottle to the right company.

This process also means that more people are able to recycle bottles and return them to a company that can provide an efficient return to a brand new bottle!

What Is Bottle Return?

The bottle return system began in the United States in the 1960’s. It is a system used where a deposit is placed on all containers of drinkable liquids. The return is a kind of recycling of containers.

In order to increase the number of bottles that are recycled every year, they should focus on recycling more bottles.

The law requires some level of deposit to be added to the price of beverage containers at the point of purchase, which is later refunded to the customer when they return the used container for recycling.

There are recycling bins in most stores for plastic and glass. Look for the yellow recycling bin or the green recycle box.
Most stores also allow you to return plastic for a refund. Bring your plastic bag into the store and place it in the recycle bin.

If you are still concerned about recycling your plastic bag, you could try to take it to the local recycling center where you can recycle it for a small fee.
If that doesn’t work, you can call your local recycling center or dumpster service to get rid of the bag for you.


Target Corporation has instituted a bottle return program for the states listed above. If you are one of the states listed above, you can return your empty bottles and get a refund. Contact your local store for full details.

Bottle recycling machines can get tricky to operate, but the deposit system is easy to operate. You can also recycle empty beer and wine bottles.

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