Does Costco Have Bottle & Can Return? (Full Guide)

Recycling can make a difference, which is why some of the large retailers are starting to implement recycling programs.

I looked into whether or not Costco accepts returned product back to the store. I found a page that has an email where you can send in your items, but there is no phone number listed.

Does Costco Have Bottle & Can Return In 2022?

There is a bottle and can return recycling machine located at many Costco warehouses which allow customers to take advantage of an in-store program to recycle their empty bottles and cans, up to $0.10 per item in some states.

If you do happen to have a can or bottle that doesn’t fit the regular recycling bins at the local recycling center, you can return the item to any Costco store.
To do so, you’ll need to find the nearest Costco store, find the recycling center inside the store, and then take the item to the recycling center there.

What Type Of Bottle and Can Machine Does Costco Use?

Not to be rude or anything, but the prices they charge for the bottles are outrageous and I don’t believe it is worth the hassle.

Costco helps operate bottle and can returns centers for Nexcycle.

An online recycling company says Costco tends to offer the Tomra T-53 machine. A reverse vending machine with a color screen and two separate sections for bottle and can recycling.

How Do I Use A Costco Bottle And Can Return?

After locating your can or bottle and having it scanned, have it dropped into the designated section of the machine, and let it run.

In addition to money, you will also earn experience points when cans are successfully loaded and launched from a certain height.

After placing all the items inside, you will then press the green button to generate a receipt that can be redeemed inside Costco.

If their recycling machines are full or not working, people can take their bottles and cans to customer service to redeem their money for them.

Costco doesn’t require you to be a member.

I’m pretty sure the answer will be [Paraphrase] if it involves anything with politics or government.

How Many Bottles And Cans Can I Return To Costco?

If you have a membership, and not just a co-op membership, you can return as many items as you want.

For example, in California, Costco allows you to return 50 cans and bottles per visit per day as long as the items are in resealable packaging.

How Much Can You Earn Recycling Bottles And Cans at Costco?

There are places that offer reward programs and they will pay you a certain amount for recycling them. However, there are many other places that don’t pay you anything and I’d advise you to take your recyclables to the curb and recycle them on your own.

Some states are more likely to pay out for returns than others. For example, states with higher pay-outs may be more likely to return cans and bottles.

If you’re a frequent shopper or a member of Costco, you’ll also want to know where your local warehouse is and when it’s going to be busy. At a time like that, you might even need to call and confirm your pickup time before they close the doors.

How Can I Find Bottle And Can Return At Costco In My Area?

The easiest way to discover if your local Costco offers bottle and can returns is to contact them, either in-store or through customer service. Costco staff members will be able to assist you to find out where your nearest bottle and can return is.

Additionally, in 2016, the website was created by to connect the recycling system for , a brand. The goal of the website was to provide a way for people to see what items were available in their own state.

Does Costco Promote Recycling?

As a proud member of the CarbonFree Group and the CarbonFree(r) Cooperatives, Costco is actively working with a variety of suppliers to eliminate the use of carbon-based energy and reduce the emissions of our operations. So we can be more efficient and green.

Costco’s suppliers are helping it and other store owners with recycling programs and other efforts to aid the greening of the city.

Does Costco Use Recycled Packaging?

Costco is not responsible for the environmental damage your dog may cause. They’re focused on your safety, so they encourage you to walk your dog on leash and keep your dogs in your vehicle at all times.

Costco uses recycled content packaging for the majority of their products as they believe that the environment is important and that using paper that is recycled makes good business sense.

Kirkland brand items are also more eco-friendly, including better and more sustainable packaging for items such as water bottles, dog dental chews, and facial tissues.

If you are interested in learning about cleaning bottles, you can read our related posts to learn how returnable bottles differ from regular bottles.


The new bottles have a number of improvements. One of the most obvious is the bottle’s plastic straw. Another is the bottle’s new cap, which can be unscrewed and used as a reusable straw. Some new features also include reduced flammability, and a drop test.

Depending on what state you live in, you may be able to recycle bottles and aluminum at your local Costco.

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