Walmart Organization Structure (Different Structure Types, Operation Strategies + More)

Walmart’s strategy has changed and been in the process of changing over the last few years because of the growth of eCommerce as the company has not made a lot of changes to their business structure.

In case you need to know, Walmart is an organization that’s owned and operated by a man called [Mr. Walton]. Mr. Walton is also the CEO of the company. The company’s headquarters are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company employs one billion people worldwide.

Walmart Organization Structure In 2022

Walmart is a functional organizational structure, which is an arrangement of people and their jobs; this organization has a hierarchy and matrix-based structure for its functions and divisions. This structure allows the managers to influence corporate policies and decisions.

Walmart is a retailer that owns an amazing amount of stores and is one of the most important companies in the world. It has an amazing amount of stores and provides a wide range of products. It’s a company that offers excellent products at low prices.

Why Does Walmart Use A Hierarchical Functional Organizational Structure?

Walmart has a functional organizational structure, which helps the company to achieve certain goals, provide consistency, and see better performance and operational results.

Walmart has the idea of developing their eCommerce platform to be able to adapt to different business models and different market segments.

All of these are divisions of the same company, they all sell the exact same products and they all are run by Sam Walton himself.

This is especially necessary because Walmart has four different types of stores. These stores are the Supercenter, Neighborhood Market, Express, and the Walmart Neighborhood Market.
So, having four different structures means that the company will have to have four different kinds of processes for each structure.
If Walmart is to become an integrated organization, they need to be aware of how each of their departments works.

What’s The Walmart Hierarchical Organization Structure?

The organization structure of the Walmart company and all of the employees who work there have one supervisor they directly report to.

Walmart makes sure that supervisors are well trained and are given the responsibility to move employees up the corporate ladder. Walmart holds supervisors accountable for making sure that their employees are well trained.

Because this is a vertical hierarchical structure, there is a single supervisor responsible for all the store supervisors. There is no other position that provides supervision to store supervisors.

Also, each Walmart store is a local business, so they are directly accountable to the people who shop at that store.

Even if each store is independent, each store still has its own needs, which means that each store also needs its own culture and its own ways of doing things.

If you want to be a successful restaurant, you should make sure you are able to cater to each of your own stores.

What’s The Walmart Function-Based Organizational Structure?

The function-based organizational structure at Walmart is there so that the employees can fulfill the job functions.

Not to mention with all this new technology at your fingertips, employees are now more connected and informed than ever.

With that, Walmart has a few different departments like this, and it’s all about making each department work well.

Besides being different depending on the size and type of Walmart, departments can also be named differently depending on where they are.

Walmart is divided into different departments where each location is different. Each department is staffed with the right people to reach out to the customer.

What Is Walmart’s Organizational Culture?

Culture is the way people act and react to each other. In the culture at Walmart, employees are encouraged to help customers solve their problems. One example of this is where associates are encouraged to greet customers by name. They are also rewarded for exceeding targets.

For instance, Walmart seeks out excellence in the field of human resources. The company makes its human resources teams strive for excellence by providing training and career development to its employees through a number of avenues such as online learning programs.

Walmart is committed to providing exceptional customer service and building customers as the priority regardless of department, or store location.

The new wage will increase the total compensation that each employee receives by $1,600 per year.
When it comes to pay, Walmart’s approach is to treat all of its U.S. associates fairly and equally.

Walmart strives to act with integrity by being honest at all times and when making decisions, it is essential for them to be impartial.

What Are The Operation Strategies Of Walmart?

Walmart offers a wide variety of merchandise at a low price, which is a strategy developed by the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton.

One of the biggest advantages of Walmart is the price advantage they have over other national retailers. They try to provide the cheapest products.

With the advancements in the technology industry, Walmart has been able to continue giving the quality products it’s known for.

A quick look at the Walmart’s business model, Walmart’s marketing strategy and Walmart statistics might be helpful if all you want to do is find out some basic information about them.


Walmart’s structure is a matrix organizational structure that is a hybrid of a hierarchical and horizontal organizational structure.

The structure of the company allows Walmart to have different store types, but still maintain the core company structures.

Walmart also has a function-based organization structure that groups employees based on their capabilities and assigns them to departments that are best suited for them.

Finally, there are four key aspects of Walmart’s organizational-based culture: to act with integrity, to respect the individual, to strive for excellence, and to provide service to the customer.

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