Walmart Cap 3 (meaning, Duties, Pay + More)

The most notable of these departments are the distribution center, the transportation, and the human resource departments. There are more and more jobs being developed for people to work in the field of Walmart.

To better understand the role of a Walmart associate, you must first understand the role of a CAP. There are 2 types of CAPs: A CAP (a sales associate) and an assistant CAP.

What Is CAP 3 Position At Walmart In 2022?

CAP 5: A new job classification replacing CAP 3 that provides an assistant to a store manager to coordinate the stocking, pricing, merchandising, and operations of a store. Cap 5 associates work in the POS, in the back of the department store, or at the store’s registers. They are responsible for inventory and maintaining inventory levels.

If you want to learn more about Walmart CAP3 associates and their duties and responsibilities, as well as their pay and benefits, keep reading!

What Does CAP 3 Mean At Walmart?

Walmart CAP 3 associates are employees who work third shift from 10PM to 7AM.

If there is a CAP within your department, it’s likely a part of the Customer Service Department.

It means that we make sure that the products that are purchased in our store have gone through a certain process.
This ensures that the product is genuine and will not damage the customer or us.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Walmart CAP 3 Associate?

Walmart associates use their training and experience to ensure that the right product is shipped to the right place in the store.

* Help guests with merchandise selection and check out.
* Ensure merchandise is properly wrapped and priced.
* Assist customers with selecting items they wish to purchase.
* Receive merchandise and ensure it is appropriately packaged and wrapped.
* Prepare merchandise for shipment.
* Maintain standards and best practices as set forth by the Walmart Code of Conduct.

What Is Cap 3 Stocking At Walmart?

It was discovered that a CAP 3 stocking job had an overnight shift and the team at the time was working a 12 hour shift.

The activities include offloading merchandise from trucks, separating it and displaying it on the shelves.

How Much Does A Cap 3 Employee At Walmart Earn?

Walmart salary is $11.76 hourly in average. The hourly pay can increase or decrease depending on your location and the overall economy.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Walmart Cap 3 Supervisor?

The main task of the Walmart CAP 3 supervisor is to work with supervisors and managers of retail Associates to ensure that all department processes are operational and functional.

CAP3 Associates ensure that the team maintains a high level of customer service and meets daily production targets.

… the supervision of the work of all subordinates [including the] … direction and control of the activities of all associates…

How Much Does A Walmart CAP 3 Supervisor Make?

According to Glassdoor, Walmart CAP 3 workers earn $16.00 per hour. Pay may be a little higher or lower than the $16.00 per hour.

Does Walmart Drug Test CAP 3 Employees?

I am sorry to say that Walmart does not drug test CAP 3 associates but usually ensures a background check on all CAP 3 employees.

I am sorry to say that Walmart does not drug test CAP 3 associates but usually ensures a background check on all CAP 3 employees.

Employees in the pharmacy department are tested for drugs because they may come into contact with controlled substances.

Is The Walmart CAP 3 Job Hard?

Walmart’s entry-level retail jobs are not super hard.

Despite his past experience in the job, Dave is still looking for that perfect opportunity.

To learn more about Walmart, visit the company’s website: and view the following links.


In the end, the Walmart CAP 3 job group is a team of associates who make sure that the merchandise that is in the stores is correctly labeled and stocked before the stores open for business.

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