Walmart Cap 1 (meaning, Duties, Pay + More)

Walmart divided its employees into different categories to facilitate efficient job activities. It does this by assigning different jobs to different levels, from the highest to the lowest. This creates a strong management system because all activities need to be coordinated efficiently.

Walmart CAP 1, is the job title for a warehouse associate who works in the inventory department. This is a lower level position within the warehouse department who handles a less-known part of Walmart’s inventory.

What Is CAP 1 At Walmart In 2022?

CAP 1 associates provide the first level of customer service providing information to the customer and ensuring that a customer is able to find what he or she is looking for. The CAP 1 associates also keep the store organized and provide security.

If you are looking to work as a cashier at Walmart, make sure you have enough information on Walmart’s hiring practices and your hourly wage and benefits.

What Does CAP 1 At Walmart Mean?

At Walmart, you work the first shift and you have the primary responsibility of ensuring that customers locate everything they’re looking for on the shelves.

This means that associates at Walmart ensure that the customers are always supplied with what they need in order to serve them.

That said, once associates have unloaded merchandise off trucks and separated them, associates at CAP 2 make sure that they stock products and maintain neat aisles.

What Are The Duties Of A Walmart CAP 1 Employee?

Walmart associates must ensure that shelves are stocked and that customers are able to receive directions when they need help.

Assisting customers with merchandise selection and assistance.
The undisputed evidence demonstrates that the terms and conditions for which plaintiff was hired do not require her to work 40 hours per week, but require her to regularly work more than 40 hours in a workweek.

What Is CAP 1 Stocking At Walmart?

In Walmart, CAP 1 stocking means having a variety of different parts, including the meat and dairy parts, so that associates don’t have to run around to find what they need.

The CAP 1 stocking process involves collecting overstock from the third shift and using it to fill in customer orders.

What Are The Working Hours Of Walmart Cap 1 Associates?

CAP 1 associates work from 4 am to 1 pm every day, and it is part-time based. The hours are flexible based on the demand.

How Much Does The CAP 1 Position Pay At Walmart?

A CAP 1 associates can earn as little as $10 per hour.

What Does A CAP 1 Supervisor Do At Walmart?

 A CAP 1 Walmart supervisor is a department head who oversees the performance and the work of all CAP 1 associates.

Further, the supervisors regularly attend the monthly staff meetings to ensure the team is operating correctly and the inventory flow is running smoothly.

This is important. You can motivate your subordinates in many ways. One way is to make sure that they are satisfied with their job, otherwise, they will not stay long. Another way to motivate them is to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. By taking the initiative to complete responsibilities and train your personnel whenever they are required to do so, you can let your subordinates know that you have confidence in them.

How Much Does A Cap 1 Supervisor Make At Walmart?

The average CAP 1 supervisor at Walmart is paid between $10 and $16 per hour, depending on how many hours they work.

Does Walmart Drug Test CAP 1 Employees?

 No, we don’t do drug test for CAP 1 associates.  However, if a candidate does not pass the background check or is unable to verify the information, we will ask the candidate to withdraw his or her application.  You will get a notification if this occurs.

According to the company policy, Walmart does not conduct drug tests for all of their employees, and they specifically say that they do not test employees who work in the pharmacy department.

What Is The Difference Between Walmart CAP 1 And CAP 2 Employees?

There’s a big difference between Walmart CAP 1 and CAP 2 employees. Walmart CAP 1 employees are always on the clock and are assigned to duties and responsibilities that are different from the ones taken on by Walmart CAP 2 employees.

While both of these positions make sure that items are properly stocked, CAP 1 associates make sure they are in the correct location on store shelves.

The CAP 2 associates ensure that items are retrieved from warehouses and made available to store associates.

Also, CAP 2 defines the top 10 countries that have the most sales in the US, while CAP 1 defines the top 10 countries that have the most total sales worldwide.

Is The CAP 1 Position At Walmart Hard?

This is a very generic job title and you should only be applying for jobs related to the Walmart store where you work. If you are unemployed, you will be applying for numerous jobs but we wouldn’t recommend you apply for jobs outside of the specific area.

Associates must have a friendly engagement with in-store customers and have excellent communication skills to handle fast-paced environments and quick-turns projects.

The U.S. company Walmart wants to hire more salespeople to increase its average check amount. The company wants to hire about 20,000 new associates, mostly salespeople.
Walmart uses a “skills gap” strategy. The company wants more salespeople to sell more products.


As Walmart CAP 1 associates, we take pride in being reliable, professional and consistent in our conduct. We are the first “CAP” (Co-Operative Associates) associates to begin working the first shift.

The associates also provide assistance to customers in locating items, helping with suggestions on purchases, and resolving customer issues.

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