Walmart Personal Shopper (what They Do, Duties, Pay, Hours + More)

When it comes to shopping, a personal shopper plays a very important role as they help customers find items that are perfect for them.

The purpose of a personal shopper is to assist shoppers in making the right choices to find what they need and need to know they need it at the best price.

What Is A Walmart Personal Shopper In 2022?

Walmart is going to start employing a group of associates who will pick orders, locate items and then assemble them in designated areas. These associates will be known as the ‘Pickup Today’ associates. Customers will order online, and they will get notified once they ready the items.

If you’d like more information on Walmart personal shoppers and what they do, what their duties are, their hourly rates and more, read on for more interesting info.

What Do Walmart Personal Shoppers Do?

With the rise of internet shopping and online delivery, Walmart has a network of personal shoppers to help customers complete their orders.

With this, customers can easily shop at Walmart and have their items delivered to their homes. It’s also convenient if they don’t have a car or if they have elderly and sick members at home.

What Are The Duties Of A Personal Shopper At Walmart?

They are to be responsible for assisting the customer and advising the customer of merchandise selection. The shopper should assist the customer in finding a selection of merchandise that matches the customer’s specific requirements and preferences.

How Do Walmart Personal Shoppers Work?

Walmart is adding to its store personnel in an effort to make the online shopping experience better by assembling items that are ordered through the “Pickup Today” program or meant for home delivery.

In order to meet customer demand and to help expedite service, the process of assigning Personal Shoppers to customer orders is automated.

As soon as a customer’s order is ready for delivery, the automated customer service process sends a notification to the assigned personal shoppers.

You do not need to rush in order to get your orders. The staff is already here just after being informed that you have ordered.

Once you’ve finished filling your order, Walmart will dispatch your order and notify you with a text message that your order is ready.

If you requested to have the item ship to an address other than your home address, please make sure your account address is correct on the account provided, and that your shipping address is correct on the order.

How Many Hours Does A Walmart Personal Shopper Work?

Walmart employees, who are paid at the average national minimum wage of $9.20 an hour, work eight to eleven hours a day. However, these are minimum hours required by the company in its contract with the union.

Because the workers have flexibility with the number of hours they work, the number of hours they work can vary as well.

Furthermore, Walmart personal shoppers are provided with 30min-1 hour of unpaid lunch breaks alongside two paid 15-minute breaks throughout their shifts.

What Do Walmart Personal Shoppers Make?

Personal shoppers at Walmart work at a minimum wage, but they can be paid more if the store has special projects, such as building a new aisle or remodeling a store. Personal shoppers also make money by bringing in new customers.

In 2013, Walmart paid the highest wages among 25 of the nation’s largest employers to its lowest-paid workers in retail: hourly associates.

Additionally, Walmart wants to invest heavily in personal shoppers in a bid to increase the efficiency of online shopping and compete with giant online retailers such as Amazon.

What Does A Walmart Online Shopper Do?

Walmart e-commerce shoppers are responsible for making sure that a customer’s online order is successfully filled and shipped to their destination.

The product information on the Walmart website is not verified by Walmart, and in-store orders are also not carried out by the company.

In order to ensure quality and accuracy, Walmart online shoppers have to countercheck their packed orders prior to shipment out to customers.

The shopper is responsible for contacting the customer and making sure the products/items ordered by the customer are picked up.

Also, if a preference is not available, the online shopper may list alternatives for their customers to choose from.

Online shoppers have to go through different stores to check the availability of products to ensure that they are not out of stock in the stores,
which will cause them to purchase them online instead when they check the availability of the product.

What Is The Age Requirement To Be A Walmart Personal Shopper?

Walmart employees can be as young as 16 years of age, since the company says they have to be 16.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Walmart Personal Shopper?

As a Walmart personal shopper, you want to make sure that you understand the needs of your customer, and that you are able to assist your customers on their own. You also need to be able to communicate well with your customers.

You also need to pay attention to the orders that they give you because you won’t be able to fulfil all of them.

If you have the ability to prioritize tasks with all of the other aspects of your work life, then you can be efficient.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Personal Shoppers?

If you decide to order at the store and pick it up your order will be packed and brought to your car without a fee.

Therefore, if you want to avoid paying an additional fee for delivery, we recommend that you do not book personal shoppers.

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Walmart personal shoppers are store associates who work in their customer’s home, ensuring that all of the items ordered are picked, scanned, packed, and shipped to their customer’s home.

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