What Is A Promo Order On Shipt? (How To Get It, Average Bonus, Ways To Boost Earnings)

Shipt’s rapid growth has allowed them to rank among the top US delivery service providers, including Amazon Fresh, Walmart Grocery, Instacart and Instacart. Many people make a living from this business.

Shipt relies on personal Shoppers who do the shopping and deliver the items to customers. There are more than 300,000 Shipt Shoppers. It is important to know how Shipt will pay you and how to maximize your earnings if you are interested in applying for Shipt.

Are there cash bonuses, or other rates in addition to the regular pay? Promo Orders are a great way to get extra cash. Want to learn more? We will cover all aspects of compensation for Shipt Shoppers including how to make extra cash.

What is a Promo Order on Shipt?

When there are too many delivery requests, and not enough Shoppers to fill them, promo orders can be made. These delivery requests that go unclaimed for a long time become promos, which reward you with a bonus in addition to the standard commission.

Shipt provides an orange label to Shoppers for promotional orders. This label can be claimed if no one else has. Until Shipt discontinued this feature in 2020, the label used to display the bonus amount. The bonus amount would be claimed by the Shopper if they waited for their orders to go Promo.

How do shopkeepers make money?

We’ll help you use promo orders to increase your earnings now that you know how they work. Before you can understand the system, however, you must first learn how it works.

Shoppers are paid per shipment, which is $5 plus commission. The amount Shipt’s customers charge will vary.

For every order that is fulfilled, you receive a 7.5% commission. If a $100 bill is paid, you will earn $12 (commission + $5). It’s not too bad, is it? Promo orders can help you increase your earnings.

Promo orders can be formed when regular orders remain unclaimed by anyone

Shipt will not accept any order that isn’t claimed by a Shopper. Shipt offers promo orders to encourage Shoppers and speed up delivery. The promo order can be used if orders are to be delivered within a very short time (e.g. it’s 12:15, delivery time is 1pm).

Shipt Shoppers claims that you can make an additional $3-10 dollars, plus a commission and $5 base salary. It is tempting, but that is the point. Promo orders are a great way to make some extra cash!

What is the Average Shipping Cost for Shoppers?

An experienced Shopper can make $16 to $22 per hour on average. You will become more efficient if you have more experience with the entire shopping process. Experience is the best way to increase earnings. You can earn more by shopping more.


Shipt Shoppers retain 100% of their tips. It’s yours, 100%! You can make a great business out of being a Shipper. Shipt can be a very lucrative side hustle if you have some luck and consistency.

If you are still uncertain, read our review of Shipt shopper’s average hourly earnings, alternatives, as well as how to decide if this is the right job for you.

What time do I get paid for shipping?

Shipt pays Shoppers weekly. Every Friday, your earnings will be deposited to your bank account. The earnings are calculated based on orders placed between Monday and Sunday of the previous week.

It is normal for bank transfers to take between 2 and 3 working days. Don’t be alarmed.

How to Boost Your Shipt Earnings

This is probably the most important question. You want to make the most of your earnings. These are some tips that will help you increase your earnings as Shipt Shopper.

Shipt customers must choose a delivery time frame (or window) that will allow their items to arrive. This information will be provided to you as the Shopper via the Shipt app (Shipt on Android & IOS). You must ensure that you deliver the items within the agreed timeframe. Late deliveries can be costly for your business.

It goes without saying that customers value exceptional customer service. Customers deserve friendly, flexible, and courteous service. Communicate with customers and keep them informed about their orders. High customer service is a better tip for you. So prioritize it!

Shoppers can take on multiple orders at once. This is something you can do as you get more experience. This is a great way to increase your earnings by up to twofold.

Do not miss out on any promotional orders. You should grab it if you spot one. This is a great way to make quick money, especially if you don’t have any current orders.

Excellent time management is required for same-day delivery services. Before you start taking on another order, it is important to determine how long you need. You can organize your work and not be overwhelmed by too many orders.

You’ll need lots of mobile data as a Shopper. Get a plan that allows unlimited data usage to cut down on expenses. To transport frozen and chilled items, get an insulated or thermal bag. It is important to preserve the freshness of your customer’s products.

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Shipt offers Shoppers a bonus when there are too few customer orders or orders that need to be processed quickly. This is a great way to make extra cash in addition to your $5 fixed rate and 7.5% commission. Shoppers can earn extra $3-10 by placing a promo order

Shipt Shoppers earn an average of $16-$22 per hour, excluding promo orders. Each shopping order takes approximately one hour.

You can increase your earnings by being a good manager, offering great customer service and using promotional orders. Do you have any experience as a Shipt Shopper or Shipt Shopper? What are your earnings? Comment below to let us know!

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