What Is Acceptance Rate On Shipt? (What To Know!)

Shipt customers worry about being able to have a good reputation to increase their chances of getting more orders. However, sometimes they worry too much about details and stats that may not even impact orders.

Shipt drivers and potential Shipt independent contractors often go online to find answers about acceptance rates and how they affect the shopper’s reputation. This article will help answer these questions!

What is the Acceptance Rate for Shipt?

The Acceptance Rate, or AR, is the time it took to receive orders and the actual acceptance of orders.

In simpler terms, the acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of orders that you accept to the orders you receive.

For example, if you work five hours and accept all orders between 4 and 5 pm, your AR will be 100%.

Although it is a simple task, there are still many things you need to know about its importance and how you can improve it. Keep reading if you are!

Do Shipments have an Acceptance Rate?

Shipt shoppers used to be concerned about their acceptance rate. If your AR was lower than 80%, you would receive significantly fewer orders. However, it doesn’t really matter anymore, at least not when it comes down to the orders you are offered.

It’s up to the individual to maintain a high AR in order to meet Shipt standards.

How do I know if I should decline an order?

Many people believe that you should accept all orders so you can make more. However, you have the option to refuse to accept any order.

Shipt has also updated the app recently so that you have a better understanding of the details of each order.

Shipt recently issued a statement addressing platform issues and providing updates.

Our offer cards now show a single estimate pay number. This makes it easier for shoppers to understand the pay and make informed decisions about how they spend their time. The actual pay may rise if more items are added after a customer has claimed an offer. We will show shoppers important information that will help them decide whether to accept an order offer. This includes estimated driving time using leading mapping services, shopping list, drop-off location, and other details.

How can I increase my shipt acceptance rate?

You should not be concerned about increasing your AR since it won’t impact the number of orders that you get. However, if you do wish to increase your AR, it is very easy. Accept every order that comes in and your AR will eventually go up.

How do I view my Shipt Acceptance Rate

These steps will help you check your AR and other stats.

What other stats are important for Shipt Shoppers?

Shipt’s most important requirement is to maintain a high customer rating. This is called the “Average Rating”, and it is determined based on how customers view you as a shopper.

It is important to communicate well with clients and provide excellent service by being prompt, kind, and respectful.

Shipt is open to discussing dress codes and other details. However, if Shipt doesn’t have a 90% order-to-time rate and a 4.70 star rating on 50 of your orders, you could be removed as a Shipt shopper.

It may seem strict at first but it is a great way to provide a quality service. Every Shipt shopper, however, is an independent contractor.

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The Acceptance Rate for Shipt is very similar to other delivery services like Instacart and DoorDash. This is a badge if honor.

AR was once a more important concept a few decades ago. But, you no longer have to worry about missing orders due to a low acceptance rate.

It’s better to be in control of your stats and be able present them as a trophy for your hard work.

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