Can You Get Scammed On Etsy? (Everything To Know!)

Etsy is a popular online marketplace that offers convenient shopping. You can sell handmade goods, vintage items, jewelry, and home decor. Etsy’s international presence has attracted millions to its site, creating an enormous online marketplace.

People love online shopping. There is always the risk of being scammed when shopping online. It is not uncommon for scammers to use online shopping platforms.

Is Etsy possible to be scammed? What should you do if you are scammed on Etsy? This is the right time to learn!

Can You Get Scammed On Etsy?

The short answer is yes. Etsy is like all online marketplaces. However, it’s still safe. You don’t need to be concerned about being scammed.

It is almost impossible to eradicate the scammers that are out to rip off online shoppers. Scammers are a problem for many online retailers, not just Etsy. Online shopping comes with inherent risks, but it’s not something you should be concerned about.

Etsy has millions of sellers, but the scammers pretending to be legitimate sellers is a small fraction of that total. Statistics show that there is very little chance of being ripped off by a scammer. You can rest assured that most sellers are trustworthy and reliable.

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Is Etsy safe for credit cards?

The safety of credit card data is what people worry about most when they shop online for products. There are many credit card fraud stories that we have heard about, so it shouldn’t surprise that you might be hesitant to use your credit card to make payments.

Buyers who wish to pay via credit card through Etsy are safe. Etsy uses security protocols to protect your credit card information. Etsy’s Transport Layer Security technology, (TLS) encrypts your credit card information. Your credit card information is encrypted using Etsy’s Transport Layer Security technology (TLS). Sellers cannot see your information.

Etsy follows strict security guidelines as outlined in its privacy policy.

How do scammers rip off buyers on Etsy

Etsy scammers often use similar tactics to ripoff unsuspecting buyers. This is how scams work, according to victims.

The buyer will first find a shop by scrolling through the products. Next, the buyer will proceed to purchase the product. The payment will be processed as usual for standard purchases. You will see the estimated delivery time and shipping information.

You will wonder why you have not received your order after a while, perhaps a few more days. This is the time you know that you are likely being scammed. The seller would then remove their Etsy shop. The seller would remove their Etsy shop and leave you without your money or your purchase.

This is the most common tactic used by scammers on Etsy. In their “shop”, they pretend to be a seller and include images to entice people into buying. They disappear after taking your money and then they vanish as if they never existed on Etsy.

What should I do if I am scammed on Etsy?

First, don’t panic if you suspect you are being scammed. Next, contact the seller. You can usually resolve the issue with the seller directly. If that fails, which is often the case, you can file a case with Etsy.

Etsy will be involved in your case to recover your money. Etsy is known for being customer-centric and will help you. Etsy also offers protection for sellers who have been scammed by buyers. You can also see cases for sellers on Etsy.

You can also request a chargeback from the credit card company as an alternative to filing a complaint. When you report an unapproved transaction, a chargeback means that funds are returned to credit cards. A chargeback is a faster solution to a scam than opening a case.

You cannot open a case against Etsy if you have already filed for a chargeback from your credit card company. If you have already filed a case to Etsy for a chargeback, the case will be closed immediately. It is best to consider all options before deciding which one to use.

How to Avoid Being Scammed on Etsy

It is a common saying that “prevention is better then cure” and Etsy users should take steps to ensure a safe online shopping experience. These are some tips to help you avoid being scammed on Etsy.

Customer reviews are the best. This is the best way for you to make sure that you are buying a legitimate product. Positive reviews are a sign of a positive experience. Avoid shops that have few reviews.

If you’re interested in purchasing a product through their shop, contact the seller. Ask questions. Ask any questions. If you don’t get a response, it is a sign to look elsewhere. These shops are good examples of great sellers who understand the importance and value of customer service.

This is a good precaution. You should be cautious about the information you share via Etsy’s message system. Don’t send sensitive or private information to Etsy, particularly credit card-related information.

Different sellers have different refund policies. Make sure you read the shop’s refund policy before making any purchase. A seller who does not offer a refund policy is a red flag. Although the seller might not be a scammer, it is best to avoid them as scammers are notorious for not having refund policies.

You should never use any other transaction platform than Etsy. Etsy uses security protocols to make sure that both buyer and seller are safe and secure. Scammers will often try to convince you to make the transaction on another platform. They might also offer discounts. This could expose you to privacy and security threats. If you get scammed, your case with Etsy will be invalid.


It is very safe to shop on Etsy online, as scammers are rare. However, any online shopping platform is susceptible to scams and unreliable sellers. You can shop online with confidence by taking precautions to avoid falling for a scam.

Online shopping is safe. Don’t share sensitive or personal information with sellers. Etsy protects your personal information, as should you. Shop with care and only shop at responsive shops that have positive reviews.

You should be cautious and everything will be alright. Be calm and continue shopping on Etsy.

Are you a victim of fraud on Etsy? Please share your experiences in the comments!

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