Can Shipt Deliver Alcohol? (Everything To Know!)

Let’s imagine that you’re celebrating the birthday of your best friend. Everyone is having a blast, but you realize that your bottle is empty. Would you like to miss the fun and leave? It’s unlikely, which is why alcohol delivery would be the perfect solution.

Shipt is a company that you will think of as a regular customer. Let’s not forget to ask the question and see if Shipt can deliver alcohol.

Can Shipt Deliver Alcohol?

Shipt does offer alcohol delivery, but it is limited to certain cities and retailers. This should be taken into consideration when you plan your Shipt order. Shipt has some restrictions when you order alcohol. You must be at least 21 years old to order alcohol on Shipt.

This rule is in effect. It doesn’t matter what your appearance, just keep your ID handy if you wish to order alcohol and have it delivered.

Also, you won’t have the right to request that the shopper leave your order at the door. After verifying the ID of the customer, alcohol must be passed from one person to another. Shipt follows strict guidelines regarding CDC protection and recommendations.

Remember that alcohol orders may incur a $7 delivery fee.

Can You Add Alcohol Shipt?

You can add alcohol to your drink.

Can you order alcohol on shipment from Target?


Rick Gomez is the executive vice president and chief of food and beverage at Target.

“Our adult beverage division is growing fast and we continue to hear from our guests about how much they love our same-day, safe, and easy services.”

You don’t have to worry about alcohol delivery.

“As we invest in the products, experiences and guests we love, making our wine and beer selections available for pickup or delivery is a natural next move. We’re proud that our team moved so fast to bring this enhanced service into hundreds of additional stores across the country.

This statement was taken from an article by, published May 17, 2021.

Why can’t I order alcohol on shipt?

Shipt does allow alcohol delivery. However, Shipt cannot deliver alcohol to every state. If that is the case, Shipt will not permit you to order alcohol from any state.

You may also have an order that contains alcohol but you wish to add alcohol. It isn’t legal as it violates regulations. To get the alcohol delivered, the customer must place a new order.

Other issues can include not having an identification or not following the guidelines and rules for receiving the alcohol order.

Shipt can help you solve your problem if you are still unsure.

Is Any Shipt Shopper able to Deliver Alcohol Alcohol?

It must be a certified shopper. This means the shopper who takes your order must pass the certification test to allow them to deliver prescriptions or alcohol.

This will allow Shipt to provide a better customer service and make you feel more secure when ordering alcohol.

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You can now order alcohol via Shipt and other delivery services if you find yourself in an awkward situation.

Keep in mind, however, that alcohol delivery requires additional steps. These include ID verification and $7 delivery fees.

No matter what laws or regulations may prevent you from receiving alcohol in a specific state, or getting your order delivered, it is amazing how far we have come with deliveries. Let’s make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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