Amazon Book Return Policy (how It Works, After 30 Days, Damaged Books, Wrong Order + More)

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For many years Amazon has required users to return used books for a refund. Their reason was because books can be damaged after years of being used and books do not have a lot of resale value.

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What Is Amazon’s Book Return Policy In 2022?

It is best to contact the third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, but in any case, it is best to contact Amazon with your book return request. Amazon will give you a full refund within 30 days. Amazon guarantees that books are shipped well-packaged, however, it is not Amazon’s responsibility to determine if the book is damaged.

How to return books to Amazon

Read more about the Kindle book return process, including if you can return books that are damaged.

How Do Amazon Book Returns Work?

Most Amazon books have a 30-day return period. That means you can return a book within 30 days of receiving it. The books can be returned to any Amazon store, but it may be difficult to find an Amazon store near you.

Third-party merchants will not allow you to return all products or a defective product.

Note: In the event the book does not meet your expectations, you may return it to us in its unused condition within 30 days of delivery. You will be responsible for all shipping costs related to returning the book, as well as any shipping costs related to receiving a replacement book if the book is received as damaged. If the book can’t be returned for any reason, you will be credited the cost of the book once it’s returned.

To process the return of an item, you must select from the reasons for return and use the return shipping label provided by Amazon. You can also use the label attached to the item itself, but you will not receive any additional credit for doing so.

Can You Return Amazon Books After 30 Days?

When you buy a book online, your shopping cart will notify you once you have completed your purchase.

If you don’t want to connect to any associates, you can simply choose cancel and your book will be returned to the Amazon warehouse.

One thing to keep in mind is that returns for electronics are a little bit of a hassle. You’ll have to send it back with proof of purchase and hopefully if you paid with a card you won’t have to pay a restocking fee. And because Amazon will charge a fee it’s always better to just buy online from your favorite retailer.

Amazon will usually take back a book after 30 days, unless it’s been sold to more than 12 people. If it’s been sold more than 12 people, then Amazon will keep the book.

Does Amazon Accept Damaged Book Returns?

A book arrives damaged but Amazon still accepts the book returns. Just contact Amazon right away to let them know about the damage.

If the return period no longer applies, Amazon is less likely to cover the cost of a replacement.

Another thing that you can do is in case you want to make a refund in the future, make sure you can start the process within 30 days.

When the third party seller has the book that is damaged or you are not eligible, you can contact Amazon to discuss your damages and what they can do for you.

Amazon is a privately owned company and you are in their shoes every time you buy something on their platform. But, you have no reason to be upset with them!

According to Amazon’s return policy, Amazon may require the book be sent back to them if the book gets damaged in any way while in your possession. If this happens, your money will be refunded minus the cost of shipping the item back to them however, if the damage happens during transit, you will be responsible to pay for repairs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

Can You Return Amazon Books If It’s The Wrong Order?

Amazon will not force you to return an incorrect product. However, if you do, they might not be too happy with you.

If you have a book order and receive a wrong title, you should contact Amazon and let them know about it.

This means you can get updates on the status of your order and get it dispatched, or if there was an error.

Make sure your books arrive at your house in good condition to avoid shipping issues.

If your order was shipped to you with the wrong shipping label (not the one you provided at the checkout page), you must contact the Amazon Customer service.

What Does Amazon Do With Returned Books?

Amazon is a huge online store that offers a huge selection of books and other merchandise. It is also very easy to make purchases, and Amazon has thousands of books to choose from.

If you return a book to Amazon in good condition, the book will likely be resold to other shoppers. Amazon warehouse staff will carefully inspect the book’s pages and covers to ensure the quality of the book and assign a used condition label.

If you want to save money while shopping at Amazon, you can find previously returned books for sale. These titles might be available at 20-60% cheaper than new titles.

to learn all about the return policy, you can also look at our related posts on if Amazon buys books and if Amazon’s return policy after 30 days.


Amazon accepts the majority of its books as part of its 30 day return policy. Always check the product description and/or return policy just to be sure.

You can return or exchange an item on your Amazon account, if you want to try a different size, color or another book within the same series, you will need to ship the book back and wait for it to be returned by Amazon. If you like the book, you can still purchase it, Amazon has its own marketplace where you can see which books you have purchased on Amazon and you can easily go to a bookseller to pick it up.

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