Walmart Asset Protection Associate (duties, Pay + More)

Employees who work for Walmart are known as associates. They wear blue shirts with green stripes. One of the positions they have at Walmart is Asset Protection Associates. Their main responsibilities are to protect Walmart stores from damage caused by shoplifters, etc.

If you are interested in being an asset protection specialist at the Walmart Retail department, you’ll be able to learn more about the various asset protection responsibilities as an asset protection specialist.

Walmart Asset Protection Associate In 2022

Walmart is hiring the best asset protection associates to keep their stores safe, as they are trained to identify and stop potential crimes or losses as of 2022. This is a critical role, as it ensures customer and staff safety. As an asset protection associate, you will be responsible for performing tasks such as checking receipts for fraudulent activity, monitoring surveillance cameras for shoplifters, and auditing cash registers.

A great way to learn more about Walmart’s Asset Protection program is to talk to those who have experienced it before you can get the inside scoop.

What Is A Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

Walmart Asset Protection associates work with a team of trained professionals to help protect Walmart stores from shoplifters and ensure that customers have a safe shopping experience.

As the name implies, Walmart Asset Protection involves protecting company assets from theft or loss.

AP associates train other associates to ensure that products are properly handled, packaged, and stored.

What Are Walmart Asset Protection Associate Duties?

Walmart’s Asset Protection Team is responsible for the safety of Walmart’s people and assets.

____________ have done their jobs and have helped protect our customers and associates from theft.

Walmart asset protection is responsible to prevent thieves and customers from stealing personal information from both employees and customers.

If you don’t know what to do in case of a crisis, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Since Walmart Asset Protection associates are among the most important members of the Walmart team, they generally serve on the front lines of crime prevention.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

AP Associates are responsible for performing many of the entry-level and related duties and tasks associated with AP’s operations for our clients and our internal staff. They are typically entry-level employees and are not expected to work overtime.

However there are managers in training that must have a college degree to be hired.

An individual must have at least five (5) years of professional experience in the same or a related field.

The description says’related’ – does it mean they must have had a similar job to this one?
If this is the case I would consider this a red flag and would want to see what a more experienced individual is doing instead.

Additionally, Walmart gives additional benefits to those with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, or those with a loss prevention education license.

Do Walmart Asset Protection Associates Carry Weapons?

Walmart is not mandated to carry firearms as part of their employee uniform, however, associates are free to exercise their own rights and responsibilities as they see fit.

Walmart, although it sells a wide variety of products, does not need to have employees who are armed. Instead, employees are required to undergo safety training and be licensed to carry a firearm.

Because of the nature of AP’s business, the company must be able to protect its staff and protect its customers. To protect the store, its staff, and customers, the AP associates are trained in the use of non-lethal methods.

Is It Safe To Work As A Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

This means that if you put your money into an asset protection plan, it should be safe.

We have seen instances of violence, particularly inside stores
where the store manager has told his associates to go easy on the
customer. In the past year, we have seen two instances where an
associate was shot after struggling with a customer.
In other parts of the country, we have seen an associate punched
nearly to death because the associate resisted a customer’s
attempts to steal.

Despite the risk for potentially lethal levels of violence by people on the streets, they are not permitted to carry firearms unless authorized by law enforcement.

The workplace has been known to have people that can be abusive, threatening, and violent.

There are many procedural dangers in the current process.

The AP also follows a code of conduct that prohibits harassment or profiling of customers. Further, AP employees are required to follow procedures for any “unusual or suspicious activity” including the taking of photos of customers or staff, and must follow certain procedures in dealing with such activity.

How Much Do Walmart Asset Protection Associates Make?

Walmart Associates can earn a low hourly wage of $11.95, after tax and after subtracting healthcare and other mandatory expenses.

This means that the AP employees may work on a schedule that best suits their own personal needs. They are not forced to work 40 hours per week and do not receive any benefits from AP.

The positions can be dangerous if you are not careful enough. They pay between $14 and $20 an hour.

For this role, the average hourly pay is about $18.59 an hour, which is much more than other entry-level positions.

How Do I Apply For A Position As A Walmart Asset Protection Associate?

You may be wondering how you apply to be an Asset Protection associate at Walmart because you think that the job is too dangerous to apply for.

As Walmart’s Retail Loss Prevention Manager, you will have an opportunity to gain real-world experience using retail loss prevention tools and techniques to protect the company’s millions of customers from product theft.

When you are preparing to search for open AP positions, you may visit the Walmart Careers website.

If you’re looking for someone to help your business get set-up for an asset protection program, you should look for the kind of companies that are listed as Asset Protection Associates.

Once you find a job where you want to work, the website displays the information about the job. It contains the job description and job requirements. It shows the salary of the job along with reviews by the community.

After a careful review and look at the contract, you can choose to agree to the terms and condition and click create profile.

You can fill in my application, after you have completed your applicant profile.

Then, applicants apply for the AP manager or training position by filling out the application.

What Happens During A Walmart Asset Protection Associate Interview?

Once the hiring manager has done their research, and chosen the candidate that they feel is the best fit for the position, they will go into the store to meet that candidate and interview them one on one.

But before you jump to conclusions, consider that it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Walmart is not the ethical company, because we have discussed the problems with the company before.


Walmart Stores employees serve as the front line of defense against thieves, frauds and other people who try to steal from the company.

This also includes ensuring that Walmart’s assets are protected from thieves through the use of various techniques to reduce or prevent the occurrence of theft.

Walmart watches for threats to their stores and assets. They train their associates to deal with them.

It is important that we educate our associates on the safety aspects of Asset Protection to help them assist customers safely through the store.

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