Walmart Automotive Technician (duties, Pay + Is It A Good Job)

People who are able work with cars and understand how to change oil and fix tires can work in Walmart. The retail giant always wants people who have experience and can work in their automotive center.

I’ve looked into the pay an Automotive Technician can expect at Walmart, and it is indeed a good wage. It is around $15 an hour. But for a full time associate, a $15 an hour salary adds up to $33,640 a year. This is a great start to your career, but there are benefits that come with this job, and you should definitely think about them when you apply.

Walmart Automotive Technician In 2022

Walmart Automotive Technician is a position with an average earning of $14 an hour and requires an Associate’s degree or High School diploma. Job responsibilities include changing oil, rotating tires, replacing headlights, repairing engines and transmissions, and more.

If you want to be a successful Walmart Automotive Technician, you need to know what the job requirements are. To apply, however, you must have the appropriate experience. Because of this, you will need a couple of years of relevant experience before you can try for this job.

What Does A Walmart Automotive Technician Do?

A mechanic at Walmart helps customers get their cars fixed. They are responsible for changing tyres, doing oil changes, and any other general maintenance done to the vehicle.

Other duties include:

You must be able to work with the team to:

You must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.

You must be able to communicate effectively, in person, over the telephone, or by correspondence with Supervisors and others at the Company.

Please refer to the position description for further details.

How Much Money Does A Walmart Automotive Technician Make?

Walmart Automotive technicians make on average $14 an hour. However, the hourly wage is anywhere from $9 to $20 per hour depending on location and experience.

Even though the hourly rate at Walmart is lower than the average for an Automotive Technician, it still offers a good hourly wage.

What Skills Does A Walmart Automotive Technician Need To Possess?

a. Ability to work under pressure.
b. Good people skills.
c. Organizational skills.
d. The right attitude.
e. A willingness to help others.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Walmart Automotive Technician?

A four-year degree or equivalent
A high school diploma or equivalent
A minimum of two years of work experience in an automotive or related field
Valid driver’s license
Proof of citizenship
Valid state-issued photo identification
Proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.
Note: Students may still be eligible for the Technician Associates Program if they do not have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Is A Walmart Automotive Technician A Good Job?

Walmart employees gave the Automotive Technician job a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0. Some employees had to work extra hard due to staffing issues but overall, they said the job was fair to good.

It’s also a nice job to have even if you don’t enjoy cars because there are still a lot of maintenance jobs involved, and it is a great chance to meet new people.

The most common way of working is having someone else do it for you. It can be either a good or bad experience, but it is the most common way of working at an establishment like this.

A mechanic is a person who typically does maintenance and repairs on vehicles, including trucks, boats, heavy machinery, and other things. Mechanics work for various companies, and most do not get paid much.

Another interesting feature of paraphrasing is it’s a perfect opportunity to show the reader how a writer works. Here’s how. If I can paraphrase what you say into my own words, then I have created original text.

Management has high expectations for goals and deadlines, but they don’t realize that these goals can be impossible to meet.

While not all stores have bad management, it’s a common problem that can lead to you wanting to leave your car detail shop.

The automotive center is usually understaffed and if you are busy working here then you have to work faster and faster to make up for the lack of employees.

To further clarify, Walmart offers associate benefits, a vehicle purchase program and an asset protection program that can be used by eligible associates. And, a maintenance technician program that is available to all eligible associates.


Walmart hires Automotive Technicians to help with car issues and general maintenance work. They are required to take preventative maintenance, repairs, and other car work.

To top it off, the technicians at the dealership will perform oil changes and tune up services, and check the vehicle’s air conditioning.

To get work as an Automotive Technician, you need a high school diploma, but it isn’t necessary for you to have a college degree as long as you are an Associate’s degree.

The average pay in the industry for an automotive technician is around $18. This was determined by combining the national statistics of $18 an hour, which is the average, with the salary provided by Walmart.

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