Does Walmart Fix Flat Tires? (price, Locations, Repairs + More)

With the average car costing well over $30,000, it makes a lot of sense to find a reliable car mechanic at the store where you already shop.

I found out that Walmart does not have any tire related services. However, they offer a wide range of services, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get your flat fixed in their store!

Does Walmart Fix Flat Tires In 2022?

Walmart currently offers tire repair service in over 3000 locations in the United States. Typical service includes changing the tire and inflating to the proper pressure. Prices range from $15 to $50 per tire. At most locations, the service takes 15-30 minutes. Tires that are worn beyond repair can get a new set. Prices vary from $10 to $50 per tire.

Walmart flat tire repair is fairly simple. First, they’ll let you know that your tire is out.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Flat Tires at Walmart?

According to their automotive service’s website, Walmart will repair your (tubeless) flat tire for 15 cents per tire.

The tires will be repaired to the specifications of RMA standards, which makes it important to pay attention to the standard that you are choosing on.

How Long Does It Take to Fix Flat Tires at Walmart?

It is not guaranteed that your car will be repaired and returned to you on a fast basis, but they aim to have your car repaired & returned to you on a fast basis before you leave the lot.

Some customers said it takes about an hour, and others said that it can take hours. It also depends on how many problems the staff has, and what time of day it is.

What Are Other Options to Fix Flat Tires?

You can always take your vehicle to different car repair professionals, but the prices might not be the same or value-packed as Walmart’s pricing offers.

You can’t really go wrong with a mechanics shop, but you’ll be paying a lot for a quick fix.

The cost of having a flat tire or having a flat tire repaired is around $20.


I had to do a bit of revision to my answer, so I’ve changed it to reflect the question more precisely.

In the event that you cannot repair it yourself, there are many useful tips to keep in mind. Keep it away from any heat sources and don’t roll it.

Walmart also sells tire patch kits and repair kits. That way you can learn to fix your own flats in your own driveway without using your valuable and limited time driving it in the street.

What Other Automotive Services Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart’s automotive department is an extensive one, and they offer a host of services and products for your car, truck or SUV. So whether you’re changing a tire, or you need something that’s not offered in your store, you can get it anywhere.

To learn more, you can see our related posts on how to order tires online, Walmart tires and where they are, and how to properly install and maintain your tires to avoid having problems.


And you will definitely need to buy batteries when you are fixing a flat tire. Walmart’s massive inventory and the convenient in-store service make for a cost-effective shopping experience that you can trust.

If you need a mechanic to repair your tire, a mobile tire repair company or automotive repair shop will do the trick.

Whether you want to get your flat tire repaired or not doesn’t matter as much as the convenience and affordability of it. While you may not think of Walmart as an automotive repair store, it’s actually one of the largest and best known stores for car repair and maintenance and you can find many of these services at the Walmart automotive centers.

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