Does Walmart Take Old Tires? (all You Need To Know)

Old, used tires could be disposed of a certain way, but need to be kept separate from regular trash in landfills or else they can contaminate the environment.

  I decided to take a close look at the information available on this. I found out that Walmart indeed does not accept old tires and that it is perfectly normal! However, you can have them recycled after a certain time.

Does Walmart Take Old Tires In 2022?

If you are not sure of how much to pay for a certain tire, you can always go to your local Walmart Tire and Lube outlet to get information on the price. They can also provide you with a price estimate based on the condition of your old tire.

You might want to learn more about how to dispose of tires at Walmart, what stores and services accept old tires, and much more, which is why you are reading this article!

Does Walmart Take Old Tires For Free?

You will have to pay for a tire replacement if you bring an old tire into a new Walmart location.

This fee will be added along with the normal price of an old tire and any replacement tires if you are purchasing a new set of tires or getting any kind of tire maintenance done from the Walmart service center.

Another way to help reduce the air pollution in your neighborhood is to clean up your vehicle. This helps to reduce smog and improve your air quality. Additionally, customers can stay on the lookout for Walmart’s Fall Cleanup Tire Event that is held every year around September.

There is a way you can use the tire recycling program: You just need to contact the tire manufacturer’s customer service.

There are a number of “Tire Amnesty Days” run by various communities. Find out where one is near you, and take advantage of the opportunity to free up your junk tires.

If you happen to find a tire recycling place nearby, you can drop off that old tire and have them dispose of the tire for free.

What Is The Tire Disposal Fee At Walmart?

One of Walmart’s new features is the “Free Tires” program, where new tires can be purchased at Walmart and the tires will be disposed of for free.

Contact a local store using the Walmart Store Finder to find out how much they will charge for the disposal of old tires.

Where Else Can You Dispose Of Old Tires?

Have the tires delivered to a local scrapyard.
Hire a hauler to haul away the tires.
If you don’t mind the cost, have a neighbor haul away your tires.

In case you didn’t know, you can read more about how Walmart balance tires, if Walmart takes old used oil, and why Walmart tires are so cheap!


Tire and Lube Express and Auto Care do not take old tires to dispose of either.

Also, you can look out for the annual Fall Cleanup Tire Event that takes place around September.

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