Walmart Janitor (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

Employers often get candidates that are ready and willing to accept any job to save money on their bills. Many janitorial or construction job openings are entry level positions. The low pay is offset by the benefits of experience, and sometimes a college degree.

If you are thinking about applying, you probably had the same questions about the job as I did. I’ve got the info you need to answer those questions before you apply.

Walmart Janitor In 2022

As a Walmart Janitor, your responsibilities are as follows: to make sure all lights are working, shelves are organized, and there are no hazardous materials in the store. You must also prevent injuries and hazards from occurring or be ready to help should they happen by being able to respond quickly.

If you want to get a job as a Walmart Janitor you need to know where to start and how to get there, so that you can succeed at your application.

What Are The Required Knowledge And Skills For A Walmart Janitor?

As a Walmart Janitor, you’ll be to cleaning the floors and picking up trash.

It is also important for a grocery store manager to understand chemical safety procedures by organizing chemical storage areas, so you should know about how to keep chemicals safe.

Additionally, as a Walmart Janitor, you’ll need to ensure that the restroom has soap and paper products frequently filled and changed out.

The environmental safety section is a department with the capacity to handle waste management of the school. The section has a group responsible for waste management. Before this, the waste management department was handled in different ways.

When you work for a company your job duties and responsibilities will vary based on industry. Most of the time your job duties and responsibilities will be very similar to the job duties from your previous job. They will be different than a job in finance, marketing, or customer service because the company you work for is very different.

1. At least 6 months of related experience.
2. Knowledge and skills in handling multiple cleaning activities (includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc).
3. Ability to perform a variety of tasks with or without the aid of standard household cleaning or janitorial equipment and supplies.

What Are The Duties Of A Walmart Janitor?

But a Walmart Janitor is so much more than that.

There are some more specific responsibilities that apply to certain jobs, such as the “Cafeteria Attendant” position, which includes such responsibilities as serving meals to customers.

Walmart employees are also called associates. Though a janitor is not necessarily an associate, Walmart has many different types of associates.

The entry-level managers said that Walmart Janitors are expected to sweep the parking lot. They are also expected to inspect all vehicles to insure no trash or other debris has accumulated under them.

To improve the store and ensure that no messes happen while a store is open, a cleaner should be hired to come in regularly.

> Now, we move on to another task.

So while these tasks do not seem demanding or strenuous they take a great deal of time and effort to complete well.

A position that is not the top of the organization allows for the possibility of taking on additional important tasks and having more opportunities to learn.

How Can You Apply For A Job As A Walmart Janitor?

To check your eligibility to be a Walmart Janitor, visit the Walmart website.

When you go to the Walmart page and they link you to the job listing, their website says it’s under “Maintenance Custodian Associate” in the “Installation, Maintenance, and Utility” section.

All you have to do is click the “Apply” button found on the job description and you’ll be able to fill out your employment application.

You then click on the green box next to the ‘Profile’ button to the upper right of the page, then click on ‘Apply Job’ to submit your application and then select ‘More Jobs’ to see other relevant applications.

After clicking the “Apply” button, you’ll fill in important information about yourself, and apply for reviews in this company.

Do Past Employees Think Being A Janitor At Walmart Is A Good Job?

Walmart hires janitors to clean their stores, but they have to keep a secret from their past colleagues.

So overall, past employees think this job is a moderately enjoyable entry-level job at Walmart.

How Much Do Walmart Janitors Make Per Hour?

A Walmart janitor typically makes $13 an hour. The hourly wage will differ depending on the store, the position they hold, and the training they have received.

If you want to be a Walmart Janitor and work at a job right out of high school, you may start from a low wage of $11 to a high of $16 per hour.

What Hours Do Walmart Janitors Work?

Walmart janitors may work as many hours as the store is open.

We recommend that Janitors come to work at 9:00 am and remain until the store closes. We also recommend that Janitors wear clean, non-smelly work clothes, including long-sleeved shirts, hats and gloves.

If you want to know more about Walmart asset protection, if Walmart pays weekly, and if Walmart is a good place to work, go to our posts on that.


Walmart janitors are responsible for taking care of the store because they have to clean it up every day and make sure its safe for all people to use each day.

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work in retail to get a job while they are still studying full-time in school. It also gives them time to get a feel for the store they are going to be working in, and see how they will fit in as an employee.

Janitors are employees and are paid lower than non-janitor workers. They also get very few benefits.

The last two sentences could be interchanged, so the paraphrase could read:

It may seem like janitors are too low of a position to make any money
or get promoted into management roles. However, Janitors are employees
and are paid lower than non-janitor workers. They also get very few

The average wage for a janitor at Walmart is $13 an hour, with the potential to make more as they gain experience and other skills.

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