Walmart Baker Job (duties, Pay + Is It A Good Job)

If you are a creative person and a love to bake and you like creating beautiful baked goods, then you should think about a job as a Walmart Baker. Walmart is a large company that always looking for more workers.

Before applying to be a Baker, you first need to know that your job is hard. It’s the hardest job to get, and you have to be very skilled and reliable to even be considered. Once you get the job, your boss is going to treat you very well, and you will almost never have to work the same shift twice.

Walmart Baker Job In 2022

Walmart employees who pack baked goods or produce are responsible for following the procedures set by the policy and food safety standards. Employees also have to meet sales goals by selling products and following company policies and procedures, such as customer service and food safety.

Are you interested in knowing other facts about the Walmart Baker job, such as whether the job is a good job and other useful information? Then keep reading as you get all the details!

What Does A Walmart Baker Do?

Walmart’s restaurant bakers bake fresh baked goods like bagels, cakes, and cookies every single day.

Besides that, you’ll have to make sure that your bakery business runs smoothly. You’ll have to keep your products fresh and that customers will come back to your store.

Makeing the bread, making the dough, being the bread slicer, making the buns, and making the coffee. All of that at Walmart.

There may be additional responsibilities depending on the customer base and the particular Walmart location, but these are part of the Baker job regardless of location, store size or Walmart’s size.

How Much Do Walmart Bakery Workers Make?

Baker at Walmart make $12 a hour on average but can range from $11 up to $13 an hour depending on experience, skill, and location.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Be A Baker At Walmart?

There’s a minimum age of 18 for an employee of Walmart because they have to be of sound mental and physical health in order to be able to work in the bakery department.

To be eligible to be considered for a position with Walmart, you must have a background in baking.

There’s not a lot of prior experience to be had for this position, but you don’t have to be one of the most experienced applicants if you’re just getting started in your resume.

What Skills Are Important For A Walmart Baker Job?

Be organized, have a plan with a set goal in mind and be a team player with an attitude of “let’s go” attitude.

Is A Walmart Baker A Good Job?

Employees like that they can bake and decorate a wide variety of bakery products that people enjoy and that they have an artistic side to bake.

However, the Walmart Baker job can be stressful because you have a lot of customers who’ll be rude and demand things that are not possible for you to deliver on.

You’ll be carrying a heavy inventory, so you’ll need to stock and restock on supplies, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. You’ll be lifting boxes, bending over, crouching, and twisting, but it’s not that bad.

Although I do not like baking, it is very satisfying to see people enjoy my baked items. It is also very enjoyable to design products in various ways.

There are times when you feel that the management you get from Wal-Mart is not as good as it should be since there are many different departments in the company. There are those who get what is said and those who don’t, and so, it can be very difficult to be successful with this organization.

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Walmart bakers work in the bakery selling the goodies that you’d find in a Walmart store.

They follow recipes to make baked goods at home and bake them while decorating them, packaging them, labeling them, and storing them in the proper locations.

A baker can be responsible for greeting customers, answer questions about baked goods, and baking products for them.

When being a Baker is stressful, it’s also rewarding and enjoyable when you like to bake and enjoy making products that others will be consuming.

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