Does Tim Hortons Use Real Eggs? (your Full Guide)

if you want to go to a fast food place, you can be sure that they may be using real eggs in their food.

There are three main types of eggs used in Tim Hortons’ food: real egg,
egg substitute and, if you’re lucky, eggs from free-range hens.

Does Tim Hortons Use Real Eggs In 2022?

Tim Hortons uses real eggs in most of its menus, as in wraps, sandwiches and some of its donuts. Additionally, it uses fresh eggs daily for its meals. However it does not mention eggs in their baked products such as cakes and donuts.

First off, we don’t add any form of animal testing to our menu. The eggs that we use are sourced from companies that have been certified by the Canadian Poultry Federation and the Egg Producers of Canada, and meet the standards set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). To put it simply, this means that the quality and safety of our eggs has been confirmed by CFIA.

Does Tim Hortons Use Chicken Eggs?

If you want to know something about Tim Hortons, I suggest you visit their website. Also, they don’t use inferior products in their meals. They use Canadian chicken eggs.

Does Tim Hortons Use Real Chicken Eggs in Wraps?

Tim Hortons wraps are made with real chicken eggs and they are used as a protein source.

Does Tim Hortons Use Real Eggs in Sandwiches?

Tim Hortons does not use real eggs and the eggs they do use are just egg flavored powder.

Do Tim Hortons Employees Crack the Eggs?

We were told that we must use their eggs.

However, customers have reported finding pieces of eggshells in their meal after having their eggs cracked by a machine.

So no-one will get sick because Tim Hortons is not giving out eggs that are raw, as the other restaurants are.

Are Tim Hortons Eggs Cooked Fresh?

Tim Hortons offers its signature Egg Sandwich and Timbit (a hot dog with a Timbit added and topped with sauerkraut, cheese, and a Tim Hortons sauce). They are both served on warm, crusty bread.

Does Tim Hortons Use Chicken Eggs?

Tim Hortons offers customers meals made with fresh ingredients.

Where Does Tim Hortons Get Its Eggs?

Tim Hortons used to say they use locally sourced eggs for the most part, but now they only get them if it’s a smaller location and if there is enough space to actually get them from the farmers (who are usually located in Ontario.

The eggs are shipped to the local supplier from California usually by sea freight and are then packed into boxes in the local supplier’s packaging/processing facility.

Does Tim Hortons Have a Vegan Alternative to Eggs?

The Vegan Society is considering sending a letter to Tim Hortons, asking them to offer vegan alternatives to the eggs in the Timbit.

Does Tim Hortons Use Real Eggs in Donuts?

In order to have real eggs in the donut, all the ingredients have to be cooked at the same time. This is to make sure that the eggs that are inserted into the donut are still cooked.

What Did Tim Hortons Use Before Real Eggs?

The company found out that the best way to get the eggs to a perfectly warmed temperature is to simply bring them straight to the restaurant, and not freeze them in advance.

Do Other Fast-Food Restaurants Use Real Eggs?

The egg products are cooked using an egg. The cooked egg products are used for dishes like omelets or French toast.

A McDonald’s menu item only has one dish that uses freshly cracked eggs and that’s the Egg McMuffin.

What Is Different About Real Eggs?

Eggs that are fresh to you mean eggs that are also fresh to the person or people who prepared the dish.

Real eggs usually refer to un-fertilized eggs that are not part of a chicken’s egg production system. The “not real” egg is typically an egg from a large factory farm.

There is more information available about Tim Hortons in our post about Tim Hortons, which includes the history of Tim Hortons, whether or not Tim Hortons has poutine, does Tim Hortons have smoothies, and does Tim Hortons have soup.


Tim Hortons uses fresh, real eggs in all of their sandwiches, but when it comes to baked goods, it uses powdered eggs.

Freshly cracked eggs are definitely better than frozen and artificial foods.
However, fresh eggs may contain shell pieces that might end up in your meal.

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