What Time Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch? (+ Other Faqs)

If you are hungry for lunch earlier in the day, you may wish to know what time Tim Hortons begins serving lunch. Of course, you would hate to miss a great opportunity because you have to wait until lunch time.

So, if you’re curious about when the first Tim Hortons location in Calgary will start serving lunch on weekdays, here are the important things you need to know!

When Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch In 2022?

The majority of Tim Hortons locations are open from 6 AM to 9 PM or 10 PM, and closing times may vary by region. Tim Hortons usually closes a day or two earlier than most other Canadian fast food chains, and has a slightly longer typical lunch hour.

A little more information about Tim Hortons food, including their most unique items!

Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch All Day?

The reason it is not offered is to prevent a line of people so long that the food is spoiled.

I heard that the Tim Hortons corporate headquarters has a lunchtime meeting from 10:00 to 11:00, and then the regional franchise owners all sign off on the daily operations for the day.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Breakfast All Day?

 There are a limited number of locations that sell Tim’s Cafe. If you’re looking to start your day with a delicious bowl of Tim’s Cafe, check out our Cafe Locations page.

Usually the limited breakfast menu ends just as lunch begins, and they begin serving some of the limited breakfast menu.

What Time Does Breakfast End At Tim Hortons?

Breakfast ends at most Tim Hortons. At this time lunch will be available and select locations will offer a limited breakfast menu. You might also see a few locations that are closing their doors at 10 AM and reopening at 11 AM.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Donuts For Lunch?

Tim Hortons locations that have an all-day breakfast menu serve breakfast until closing in the morning, and donuts until closing in the afternoon and evening.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Dinner?

In most Tim Hortons locations, the food is usually available during lunch and dinner hours.

Is Tim Hortons Open 24 Hours?

Most Tim Horton’s are open for breakfast and lunch, but some locations may be open all night.

What Are Tim Hortons Hours?

The best way to be sure of Tim Hortons’ hours is to check the website for the location nearest you, as locations are franchised and Tim Hortons’ hours will vary.

What Does Tim Hortons Have For Lunch?

Tim Hortons has a wide selection of sandwiches. You can get them with ham, turkey, roast beef, ham & turkey, or chicken. You can also find them with cheese, provolone, and mozzarella. You can pick any of the breads that you want. They have breads that are gluten free and glutenous. You can get a bagel and lox. It also comes with a cream cheese and tomato.

To go with your meal, you can have tea, coffee, and pastries. You’ll find a variety of pastries and desserts on offer.

Does Tim Hortons Have Lunch Combos?

They do, but it’s much cheaper to buy the meal to go, and pay for the coffee separately.

Does Tim Hortons Have Lunch Specials?

Tim Hortons does not have any special coupons. But, you can get rewards points if you are a CUSTOMER (not employee). Also, there might be special offers, that vary by location.

Is Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Open For Lunch?

As long as the drive-thru is open for lunch, there should be plenty of seating. Even though the dining room may be out of luck.

Does Tim Hortons Have A Rewards Program?

The reward card is available, but it will cost you $4.99 a month to use it.

You won’t earn points for eligible purchases and can only redeem them for free menu items, once you have enough.

Is Tim Hortons Open On Holidays?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only major holidays that Tim Hortons is closed.

Does Tim Hortons Have Poutine?

Poutine is a favorite dish in Canada. However, the Canadian company, Tim Hortons, has decided to remove it from its menu.

Does Tim Hortons Lunch Menu Have Salads?

Tim Hortons does not offer salads. However they do offer an array of healthy options such as sandwiches and wraps.

Does Tim Hortons Have Soup For Lunch? 

If you go to a Tim Hortons store, you can choose between three soups, including Cream of Broccoli soup, Chicken Noodle soup and the Chicken and Bacon soup.

Do Other Restaurants Have All Day Breakfast?

Fast food restaurants offer breakfast during lunch and lunch during breakfast.

They offer breakfast during the day, so they make sure to offer some during the morning, but some locations don’t offer it.

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Breakfast at Tim Hortons starts at 10 AM. However, this may vary by location. This is followed by lunch, usually served around mid-day. This is also followed by the end of dinner, which is usually served either in the late evening or early morning.

You can continue getting food items from your Lunch Menu even after Lunch time. You can only eat your Lunch items during the Lunch time.

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