Does Tim Hortons Have Smoothies? (flavors, Calories, Cost + More)

If you ask a fast food restaurant if they serve smoothies, you probably want to know if they serve smoothies.

If it does, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and smoothie flavors!

Does Tim Hortons Have Smoothies In 2022?

Tim Hortons does not serve smoothies like it used to in Canada, but it does include a wide variety of fruity drinks such as orange juice drinks or orange drinks. The menu also includes smoothies that will be offered by Tim Hortons in the future.

Do you want to know more about whether or not Tim Hortons serves smoothies, and alternatives to Tim Hortons if you don’t like it? If so, read on to learn what I’ve found out!

What Smoothies Does Tim Hortons Have?

Tim Hortons’ smoothie line is currently composed of two flavored blends; Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Orange.

And while Tim Horton’s makes smoothies with yogurt, it’s not a Greek yogurt smoothie.

Where Can I Find A Tim Hortons Smoothie?

Tim Hortons makes smoothie drinks that are only available in Canada, not the United States.

So if you’re really craving a Tim Hortons smoothie, make sure to check with your local location before going there.

Are Tim Hortons Smoothies Made With Real Fruit?

In 2013, Tim Hortons released a study that showed that customers preferred a better fruit smoothie. So in 2014, they released a better fruit smoothie.

What Size Smoothies Does Tim Hortons Offer?

The Tim Horton smoothies come in various sizes including small, medium, and large.

In an effort to promote large sizes in stores, Tim Hortons recently changed their drinks sizes to 16 and 20 ounces.

How Much Sugar Is In A Tim Hortons Smoothie?

I got a small strawberry banana, a small pineapple orange and a large pineapple orange at Tim Hortons.

How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons Smoothies?

It depends on the type of smoothie you have at Tim Hortons, it can range from 170 to 330 calories depending on the size of the glass.

And finally, you can also find out about the Tim Hortons Rewards program and use their mobile ordering app.

Are Tim Hortons Smoothies Low-Fat?

The yogurt is made from Greek milk that has been strained and cultured.

And zero grams of added sugars in every Tim Hortons’ smoothie, including both flavors and all three sizes.

How Much Is A Smoothie At Tim Hortons?

If you want one of their famous $1.99 coffees, they are typically available all day, every day. However, some stores will have limited hours.

What Happened To Tim Hortons Mixed-Berry Smoothies?

The Tim Hortons mixed-berry smoothie was a favorite of many people, but it was discontinued along with several other versions when the restaurant streamlined its product offerings.

What Is Tim Hortons Strawberry Chill?

 Tim Hortons strawberry shortcake creamy chill is way more filling than a smoothie.

The reason why the strawberry chill is considered a frozen drink is because it has ice in it. The strawberry chill also has whipped cream and cookie syrup topped it with a strawberry on top.

However, this drink will be available in all Tim Hortons restaurants nationwide.

When Does Tim Hortons Sell Smoothies?

Tim Hortons doesn’t have a lunch menu, so you don’t have to order a Timbit during lunch hours. Timbits are available all day, but you can’t order them as part of lunch or breakfast.

Who Else Serves Smoothies?

There are places where you can get smoothies but the best places are small, locally-owned establishments.

To have the best results from your next smoothie, it is essential that all of the equipment is fresh.

This place makes the best fried chicken ever.

McDonald’s location in the U.S. has been offering smoothies for quite some time now.

However, McDonald’s McSweeties smoothies are not yet available in the market.

When I lived in Philadelphia this was the place I could always count on to have a fresh smoothie. Every day for a decade I would eat at this smoothie shop to get this drink.

If you are looking for a smoothie shop, you will find a Smoothie King because, as the name implies, it sells smoothies.

If you’re looking for food, this is not your best bet.

There is also a sign that the cafeteria is closed, but this sign does not mention anything about the food.

If you want to learn more facts about Tim Hortons, you can also read our post on whether or not Tim Horton’s served oatmeal, as well as if they ever served pizza, and how many calories are contained in a Tim Hortons coffee.


Tim Hortons used to be a hot spot for tourists in the summer because it sold a lot of frozen beverages.

Customers can choose from only pineapple orange fruit smoothies and strawberry banana fruit smoothies.

However customers can choose between a medium, large, or XL size cup.

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