How Much Is A Dozen Donuts At Tim Hortons? (prices + More)

If you need to buy 12 donuts, the price is $12.00 and you can get it at a Tim Horton Donuts in the Toronto area.

Now that we know what Tim Hortons is and where it is located, let’s take a look at its menu!

How Much Is A Dozen Donuts At Tim Hortons In 2022?

Tim Hortons offers an assorted variety of donuts at a price of $12.99 as of 2022. An assortment allows you to mix and match the donuts you have chosen. Most competitors charge a higher price for assorted donuts. The reason you pay the same price for a dozen glaze or a dozen different flavors.

If you want to know more about how much Tim Hortons prices of their donuts are than you should read on to learn!

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Dozen Donuts At Tim Hortons?

If you buy a dozen donuts for $11.99, then that means there are 12 donuts.
If you buy one donut for $1.29, then that means there is 1 donut.
And now you can also say that there are 11 donuts.

Further, that presents cost savings for purchasing two dozen at Tim Hortons for $6.98 for 12 donuts. Also, you can purchase an additional 6 donuts for $0.99.

Are Tim Hortons’ Donuts Individually Priced?

The donuts are available for purchase in a bag for $1.29. Also, Timbits and bagels are sold in packs of 2.

Also, the Black Forest, Creme Brulee, and Tiramisu donuts are only available in select locations.

Do Specialty Donuts Cost More At Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons do not charge you more for their specialty donuts. Rather, the price of the donuts is the same as at other Tim Hortons locations.

For example, donuts covered with icing (including vanilla icing and chocolate icing) cost the same as a plain glazed donut.

It seems the price difference is not as significant as I had previously thought and I can’t say for sure that this is the reason why, but it seems to me that the donuts here are not as good as other similar establishments.

How Much Are Timbits At Tim Hortons?

Timbit are available individually as well as in assortment bundles and come in a chocolate glazed, honey dip, old-fashioned glazed, sour cream glazed, birthday cake, and gingerbread.

You can buy the set for $40 (or even $100, I don’t know how the $0.33 is added).
It is the same $40 you paid for a single, and the same $100 you paid for the first two.

The price may vary slightly, but you can save little money when purchasing Timbits in a pack of ten for $2.79, 20 for $4.49, or 50 for 9.49.

You can get whatever flavor of Timbit you want. You just need to purchase a bundle.

Are Donuts The Same Price At All Tim Hortons Locations?

While Tim Hortons posts its menu prices online, the prices may vary some stores.

You can check the prices of Tim Horton’s at your local Tim Hortons by creating an account and following the steps here.

Does Tim Hortons Offer Discounts On Larger Orders?

Tim Hortons does not advertise specific products at lower prices, but the company does offer discounted catering.

If you need to get the cheapest coffee in town, then I suggest you go to one of the chain coffee shops, but if you have a local, then get the cheapest one. Just remember, sometimes it pays to ask your local coffee shop employees.

How Much Are A Dozen Donuts At Dunkin’ Donuts?

The prices are not standard, but they usually start at around $9.99, and may vary by region. The donuts are of various types, so you can choose which ones you want.

How Much Are A Dozen Donuts At Krispy Kreme?

For example, in the US, the standard price for a dozen original glazed doughnuts is $7.99. However, in Germany, the standard price is $8.99.

How Much Is A Dozen Bagels At Tim Hortons?

Bagels are not offered in a half-dozen, although offered in a dozen. That said, a dozen bagels cost $7.39.

The donuts are assorted, you can mix and match your favorite flavors.

How Many Calories Are In A Dozen Tim Hortons Donuts?

Donuts as a whole can contain as many as 364 calories.

To illustrate, the number in bold above is the number of donuts in a tray and the number in the brackets is the number of calories.

The doughnuts are filled with an egg wash, butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon which means they have around 3,000 calories in one dozen.

Can I Have A Dozen Donuts Delivered From Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons does not offer delivery for purchases of less than $8.99.

This is in addition to the $11.99 a dozen of Timmy’s the cost of delivery in Canada was introduced in 2008.

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Tim Hortons has the best donuts in the country. If you don’t like it you can always mix and match your favorites.

This represents a significant saving of money, over $1.29 worth of donuts individually.

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