What Is A Double Double Tim Hortons? (Your Full Guide)

It’s actually a little strange to say, but Canadians are actually pretty excited for what’s coming in the near future.

So the next time you’re in the Canada, be sure to stop by the Tim Hortons and try a Double Double coffee!

What Is A Double Double At Tim Hortons In 2022?

A Double Double at Tim Hortons is simply a cup of coffee with two creams and two sugars added as of 2022. These cups are called “double doubles” because of the way they measure up against a regular coffee cup.

Want to know more about Tim Hortons and get answers to questions like: What is a Double Double? If so read on to learn what I have found out!

What’s In A Tim Hortons Double Double?

A Double Double at Tim Hortons is simply a coffee with two shots of cream and sugar, the coffee itself is terrible.

The dark roast is also available in the caffeine-free variety but you’ll have to ask your barista to pour you some.

The sugar is normal white sugar, and the creamer is the same kind Tim Hortons uses.

So in order to get your coffee to be sugar-free or dairy-free, I would have to specifically request that coffee or ask for a different blend.

I don’t think there are any coffee blends that are sugar-free or dairy-free. You would have to ask for a specific blend if you want a sugar-free or dairy-free coffee.

What’s So Special About The Double Double?

A Double Double at Tim Hortons is just a simple way for customers to request their beverage, without any added extras.

As a result of the current circumstances, it is no longer considered a slang in America.

How Much Is A Double Double At Tim Hortons?

If you are a customer at McDonald’s and order a Quarter Pounder with cheese, you will pay 25 cents for this item.

Prices are similar at most restaurants in the United States but they can get more expensive in speciality restaurants like the ones nearby.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Double Double?

Double Doubles do not contain extra caffeine because the amount of sugar and milk does not change the total amount of caffeine.

However, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the maximum safe dose of caffeine for healthy adults is 200mg per day.

And the dark roast has a little less caffeine per cup than the original blend.

How Many Calories Are In A Double Double?

A small double with chocolate has 133 calories,
a medium with vanilla has 202 calories,
a large with caramel has 252 calories,
and an extra-large with chocolate hazelnut has 305 calories
And the best part is you get a whole lot of chocolate in one cup!

I don’t care if the number of calories changes, I’m just saying that the calories are more than that of a cup of tea.

Is Tim Hortons’ Double Double Vegan?

If you want to eat a vegan Double Double at Tim Hortons, you will have to ask for a cup of soy milk instead of a cup of dairy creamer.

Is A Tim Hortons Double Double Only Available In Canada?

Double Double is offered in all Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada.

The same way that the French and the Canadian love each other, the Americans like Canadians (although they may not know why).

Why Is Tim Hortons’ Double Double So Popular?

The company is successful because it has a customer base that enjoys two flavors of coffee with two
creams and two sugars.

The most common variation is “Tim Horton’s coffee,” because when people hear the phrase they will immediately think of the coffee chain.

Does Anyone Else Serve A Double Double?

Coffee with two creams and two sugars will probably be uncommon and you are unlikely to be able to order the same thing at any other coffee shop.

What Is Double Double Merchandise At Tim Hortons? 

The Double Double phrase became so famous that Tim Hortons decided to make it a line of merchandise.

The company also launched its first line of men’s apparel and accessories on Coffee Day in September.

What Is Tim Hortons’ Triple Triple?

If you still feel it’s too much just go for a Triple Tripple, the same concept as the Triple Triple, but instead three shots of sugar and three shots of cream.

If you want to learn more, you can read more about Tim Hortons smoothies, how caffeine affects the body, Tim Hortons Donuts, and how Tim Hortons smoothies are made.


A Double Double is a large cup of coffee (double that of an Espresso Double) with two shots of cream and two shots of cream and sugar. It is a great option before the morning rush.

Although it is not so special coffee when it comes to coffee, it is an affectionate way for customers to order their favorite beverage.

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