Does Tim Hortons Have Almond Milk? (your Full Guide)

Tim Hortons does not carry almond milk on their menu but you can still get almond milk at a Tim Hortons coffee shop that they own. You can also buy almond milk at some grocery stores that sell Tim Hortons products.

If you’ve been wondering whether Tim Hortons actually has almond milk, then keep reading to find out!

Does Tim Hortons Have Almond Milk In 2022?

Tim Hortons will give customers almond milk as well as other dairy milk alternatives. It’s not guaranteed that they will carry all of them. There may be some that aren’t on site. It is also not guaranteed that they will be available at all outlets.

Are you interested in learning more about whether Tim Hortons serves almond milk and other alternatives it offers? If so, continue reading below to learn about the findings and other information I’ve found!

What Brand Almond Milk Does Tim Hortons Have?

All Tim Hortons locations should offer Silk brand almond milk, or we’ll let you know.

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How Much Does Almond Milk Cost At Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons does not list almond milk as an option for beverages on its website. However, you can order by visiting your local Tim Hortons.

Does Tim Hortons Use Almond Milk In Its Food?

This is because Tim Hortons only adds milk to items that contain milk, like its signature coffee.

When Did Tim Hortons Begin Serving Almond Milk?

There are many factors that can delay a product rollout. From testing and production to packaging and delivery, a pandemic can cause many factors to affect the timeline for launching a new product.

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Is Almond Milk Available With Coffee At Tim Hortons?

Almond milk has always been found in coffee shops and specialty coffee roasters. Almond milk is a popular milk substitute. It is made from almonds and is available in regular, lactose-free and sugar-free varieties.

How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons’ Almond Milk?

If you choose your coffee from the supermarket, you will see that most of the time
it will have 10-12 calories in one cup.

The almond milk is a calorie bomb. A single serving of almond milk has between 94-193 calories.

This can vary greatly, and the most accurate way to calculate the amount of calories that are in a specific beverage is to look up the bottle, which is more information than most of us will have.

How Much Fat Is In Tim Hortons’ Almond Milk?

The company does not state exactly how much fat is in its serving of almond milk. However, Silk says that there are 2.5 grams of fat in one cup of almond milk.

Is Tim Hortons’ Almond Milk Vegan?

Vegan milk is usually from soy or rice, and is a very popular alternative.

Is Almond Milk Used In Smoothies At Tim Hortons?

The Tim Hortons in Canada did not sell smoothies with almond milk. They instead used skim milk.

Does Tim Hortons Have Soy Milk?

T.H. does offer an alternative to soy milk for its coffee, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Does Tim Hortons Have Oat Milk?

However, Chobani is still a yogurt brand, and therefore made with milk, which isn’t suitable for coffee replacement.

Why Did Tim Hortons Add Almond Milk?

It’s not that we’re changing our products, but our customers are changing their food habits, and fast-food restaurants are forced to adapt.

This can help in getting customers who do not like regular dairy milk. It can also help in not having to have their own fridge for storing yogurt, which gets messy.

Is Almond Milk Used In Tim Hortons’ Oatmeal?

The Tim Hortons in China uses Chobani oat milk in their oatmeal. It is a lot more popular than the real almond milk.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Tim Hortons Dream Donuts, are Tim Hortons donuts vegan, and does Tim Hortons serves oatmeal?.

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There’s also almond milk available at Tim Hortons branches. This is a dairy-free alternative that’s free of GMOs, soybeans, peanuts and almonds.

Although almond milk isn’t used as the base food of any menu items or beverages at Tim Hortons, you can find it as a dairy-free option in coffee, tea, and other drinks.

Therefore, if you are not looking to eat a vegan meal, consider trying the oatmeal, which is made with oat milk.

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