What Does Cap Stand For At Walmart? (your Full Guide)

I stumbled upon a job description for CAP team, but it was too vague. So I looked online and tried to figure out what they meant.

At Walmart, their Customer Advisory Program is a great career opportunity for people looking for a career that is both challenging and fun. CAP’s is a fast-paced team that can offer a variety of different positions.

What Does CAP Stand For At Walmart in 2022?

The CAP job is based on a customer service role, which will include working at store locations to help make sure inventory is processed and available for Walmart customers. These positions may require workers to carry heavy objects/weights, and to be detail-oriented, tech-savvy, able to work independently, able to interact with customers, and must be able to pass a physical and medical drug test.

The Walmart Associate is a member of our
associates network.
We offer associates an exclusive set of benefits,
such as discounts on products and services and
educational opportunities.
Associates are the heart of our company
An Associate is part of a team that
operates the retail stores.

What Is A Walmart CAP Team Associate?

You will know all about the CAP team when you start working for the company, because you will have one of the best roles there.

Walmart Customer Service Associates (CSA) are in charge of the front end of the Walmart brand. They work in the stores selling the merchandise, ensuring customers can get the merchandise they want when they need it.

Level 0 – Associates do not report to a leader in the team.
Level 1 – Associates report to a supervisor or team leader.
Level 2 – Associates have multiple leaders in their team.

The CAP (Computer Associates) software was used in retail to efficiently organize products that were available at stores. Each CAP associate had access to handheld POS devices that were able to quickly audit inventory and change prices.

CAP Team Associates at Walmart are required to comply with all state and federal laws related to child safety.

What Does A Walmart CAP Team Associate Do?

The three Tier CAP Team Associates at Walmart are known to help customers and other associates on their way.

CAP Team Associates are responsible for general merchandising, receiving shipments, and processing store inventory. At all levels, they are responsible for making sure that sufficient quantities of the product are available to our customers. This is the most important aspect of their job.

They are also responsible for training, maintaining, and operating the system and security of the building, which includes the fire alarm system, access control system, CCTV video surveillance system, fire protection system and emergency communication systems.

They are in charge of monitoring the inventory stock on a daily basis and helping the store team in case of any shortages.

The Associate performs administrative duties and assists the Manager in developing and maintaining the company’s policy and program
and in providing other functions needed to carry out the activities of the manager.

What Are The Qualifications For The Walmart CAP Team Associate Position?

Because of the large number of employees needed for a successful operation, Walmart also needs to hire people with the right skills to keep the operation running smoothly.

So, being a good team player is one of the most important features of the CAP Associate role, as staff members should be able to work well with others.

– Computer Literacy
– Strong problem-solving skills
– Ability to create and maintain documentation
– Basic knowledge of the operating system
– Ability to learn new technology quickly
– Good working memory, strong attention to detail
– Good verbal and written skills
– Flexibility and a sense of humor.

It should be noted that there is also a minimum age restriction due to the risk involved in working in the shipping and receiving docks.

How Much Does The CAP Team Associate Position Pay?

According to their profile on Indeed.com, past warehouse associates make anywhere from $31,654 to as much as $41,718 per year.

Walmart has always offered benefits like retirement plans, life and health insurance, tuition assistance, and other benefits for its employees.

How Do I Find Walmart CAP Team Associate Jobs?

Walmart will post positions on their career website which will be free to apply for. They look for candidates who can grow with them on a long-term basis.

Near the bottom of the page, near the blue button, you will find a link to Walmart’s hiring application.

You can also copy and paste this link into a new browser window and navigate to the CAP team and your desired work location.

After finding the role and location you prefer, you will be taken to a job description, which will describe the role, what it entails, and the eligibility requirements. You will also be given the ability to fill out an applicant profile with information such as your resume and relevant skills.

To know more, about Walmart, you can even view our posts on Walmart customer value associate, if it is easy to get a job there, and if Walmart does background checks.


Walmart does not promote to specific store locations. We are proud to have associates who represent the Walmart brand at all our stores, but they don’t represent a specific store. All associates are treated fairly and with respect.

There are three main team memberships for the CAP Associate team, and each of them require different duties to be performed in addition to the core responsibilities that the CAP teams carry.

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