What Is Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea? (all You Need To Know)

The Tim Hortons tea is a blend of their regular tea and their Timbit tea, and is only available through Tim Hortons’ specialty stores. However it is served and brewed in exactly the same way as regular tea, and is not any stronger than regular tea.

So if you would like to learn about Tim Hortons and what makes it the favorite place amongst Canadians for a delicious and refreshing cup of tea, then keep reading.

What Is Tim Hortons Steeped Tea In 2022?

I’d like a Tim Hortons’ Steeped Orange Pekoe tea. [Original]: Steeped tea is only available in speciality outlets and is not available in every Tim Hortons. If you want to try steeped tea in general, there is a Timbit (a Tim Hortons’ tea/coffee blend) blended tea available.

Whether you know exactly how to make a traditional Tim Hortons Cuppa, or just want to know where to find Tim Hortons in your area, there are a lot of different ways you can learn how to make Tim Hortons drinks. Read on to learn more!

What Kind of Steeped Tea Does Tim Hortons Have?

But there are many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee in Canada
And that includes milk, and creamer, and sugar.
And even coffee creamer (which is the same thing as coffee syrup).

If you’re in the mood for something different, you can check out the specialty teas. The different flavors are great.

What Size Does Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea Come In?

A Timmies-influenced version of the Nanna, the small size is an excellent base for a cup of tea at any time of day.

Tim Hortons has coffee, tea, and soup. The small is $1.59, medium is $1.83, large is $1.97, and extra-large is $2.26.

How Many Calories Are in Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea?

Well, I don’t know about Tim Hortons, but it seems weird that they’d have something in there that isn’t necessarily good for you.

Tea and coffee are often zero-calorie drinks, because they are often made without creamer, milk, or sugar.

How Much Caffeine Is in Tim Hortons Steeped Tea?

There are some places in the U.S. that require food or drink labels to have a warning if they contain caffeine. The labels have a big symbol of a coffee cup and a warning of an unsafe amount of caffeine in a single serving. The warning is written in small lettering.

Does Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea Contain Sugar?

Tim Hortons’ steeped tea does not have any sugar in it by default, but you can add sugar or artificial sweetener according to your preference.

Is Tim Hortons Steeped Tea Vegan?

Tim Hortons’ tea is vegan when you go dairy-free, but you have to avoid dairy-free creamer or milk to avoid animal products.

Is Tim Hortons Steeped Tea Available All Day?

Tims has made the decision to offer a new style of coffee. The brewed coffee is ready in less than a minute, just like the Tims latte.

Does Tim Hortons Have Decaf Steeped Tea?

However, Tim Hortons offers decaf tea in the afternoon and decaffeinated coffee in the morning.

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The problem with the decaf Orange Pekoe is that it has a bitter aftertaste.

Is Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea Made Fresh?

Tim Hortons has a huge selection of tea, from traditional to unique blends. You can find black or green tea, herbal tea and, of course, tea drinks.

Is Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea Different Than Specialty Tea? 

Steeped tea is something that is made by throwing tea leaves in hot water, while specialty tea is a tea that comes in bags or tea bags, and thrown in a cup of hot water.

However, there is a tea in the Tim Hortons selection which is flavored, but it’s only available in a particular tea.

Can You Get Tim Hortons Steeped Tea at Home?

The blend of tea comes in the familiar orange packaging. It contains 16 grams of caffeine per serving, according to the company, which says it’s made from the finest quality leaves and is free of artificial colors and flavors.

Is Tim Hortons’ Steeped Tea Good?

Tim Hortons tea received good reviews. The company’s president, Ron Joyce had a comment that the tea was too dry.

This is a valid statement, but I think a better response would be that everyone has different tastes and likes when it comes to food and drinks.

If you want more details, you can see the articles we have created on Tim Hortons with the title Double Double and smoothies.


Tim Hortons’ steeped tea is a unique specialty tea that is brewed using Orange Pekoe tea leaves. It’s been widely available in Tim Hortons since the start of the year.

You can also get the Tim Hortons “Pekoe” teas in K-Cups or bottled decaf. Orange Pekoe is the non-almond milk version of the Tim Hortons’ coffee.

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