Does Tim Hortons Have Soup? (flavors, Cost, Calories + More)

No, but if you are looking for a hot bowl of soup, you might want to check Tim Hortons.

If you want to know more about Tim Hortons and its soup offerings, you are invited to read.

Does Tim Hortons Serve Soup In 2022?

Tim Hortons offers soup, specifically with their chicken noodle, on their lunch menu in Canada as of 2022. There are three flavors of soup offered at Tim Hortons including chicken noodle, cream of broccoli, and potato bacon. Sometimes, Tim Hortons offers bowls of soup with other items during promotions throughout the year.

I researched the different types of soup that Tim Hortons serves, and I’ve found out some pretty interesting things!

What Kind Of Soup Does Tim Hortons Serve?

Tim Hortons sells hot and cold beverages, as well as coffee for the caffeine junkies.

Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee and doughnut franchise that has been providing customers and patrons with a selection of hot and cold beverages, desserts and sandwiches. Tim Hortons has been around for over three quarters of the past century.

When Does Tim Hortons Serve Soup?

Tim Hortons is not a restaurant. The menu is all over the place. I’ve never seen a Timmies restaurant be open until the afternoon. Unless I’ve failed to notice, the Tim Horton’s in Winnipeg are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Because of, so many people, and people are tired, and the restaurant’s empty.

Do All Tim Hortons Serve Soup?

Tim Hortons uses a soup based on a chicken or beef base, and the rest of the menu options are determined by the local region.

How Much Is Tim Hortons Soup?

the price of Tim Hortons soup changes depending on the size. Also, the different flavors all cost the same thing.

For example, regular size bowls of soup cost $3.69, while one large bowl costs 4.89$.

The following example has been given on Stack Overflow and also on Quora (by a Chinese student).

How Many Calories Are In Tim Hortons Soup?

A large bowl of Timbits has 260 calories, while a regular bowl has 231 calories.

While chicken noodle soup has more calories than a bowl of soup, it also has more nutrients.

But the large bowl is also filled with tons of bacon, so the calories really add up.

How Much Fat Is In Tim Hortons Soup?

A regular bowl of cream of broccoli soup at Tim Hortons has about 11.2 grams of fat in it.

This is a bit more tricky. You can’t use just “the” in a sentence because you can’t count on the reader to know when to use it. The grammatical term for this is “antecedent”, but “the” usually works.

That makes it even worse than Subway, which has 15 grams of fat in one small sub.

The fat and cholesterol in this soup can really add to your total cholesterol levels.

How Big Is Tim Hortons Soup?

Tim Hortons offers a menu of choices in its restaurants, not just in its coffee shops.

What Do You Get With Tim Hortons Soup?

Tim Hortons does not serve bowls of soup as an entrée, but they do include bread with the soup order.

Is Tim Hortons Soup A Side?

Tim Hortons is not an authorized retailer for their sandwiches. They are only available at some of their stores in Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada.

Is Tim Hortons Soup Good?

In the last few years, Tim Hortons has gained a strong customer base. It has become known as the Canadian brand of choice for iced coffee and iced tea.

A petition was started when the soup was taken back from the Tim Hortons menu. The restaurant was the one that brought it back, and said fans were happy with it.

Tim Horton’s makes the best Canadian-style coffee around. I’m not sure about the soup, but the coffee sure is good.

What Other Fast-Food Restaurants Serve Soup?

Tims is not very common for fast food chains to make soups and other stuff that is usually found in restaurants.

Subways tried offering the dish for several years but it was not successful. However, they kept it on their menu for awhile.

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Can I Buy A Can Of Tim Hortons Soup?

Tim Hortons has canned the famous chicken and dumplings soup and made it available at grocery stores.

Also, you can find some canned Tim Hortons soup at grocery stores in Canada.

Can I Have Tim Hortons Soup Delivered? 

Tim Hortons offers delivery in two countries, Canada and the United States. And, since it is just a cold soup, it is offered for delivery.

The order may take up to 6 days to be delivered to you. If you prefer
to receive your order on the next working day, choose the “Next Day

You can expect to pay shipping fees of $2 plus 12.5% of your order total. Additionally, both countries may have applicable taxes and fees applied to orders.
You can also expect to pay the $2 shipping fee and $0.55 International Tax and Fees if you place an order outside of the United States.

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You can enjoy the best of Tim Hortons with three soups which are very good. But they don’t come in very large size; you can have both types in regular size bowls.

Tim Horton’s said the name and slogan were not in keeping with their core values, and that it was bringing the ice cream back in 2014.

Additionally, Tim Hortons has even come out with canned versions of its soup that are available at grocery stores in Canada.

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