What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Espresso? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Starbucks uses an espresso roast for most of its coffees, including the iced coffee drinks that have become so popular.

If you’re wondering what coffee Starbucks uses for espresso, carry on reading below to find the answers!

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Espresso In 2022?

You can learn about the different coffee blends used at Starbucks if you’d like to know their caffeine content.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Espresso Shots?

Starbucks has three types of espresso blends. It’s known for its traditional dark roast and the blonde. But Starbucks also brews a Decaf Espresso blend. The latter has a flavor profile that’s almost the same as the dark roast but it has less caffeine.

Starbucks takes its coffee very seriously and they will never use anything but their Signature Espresso Roast.

The signature Starbucks coffee that was created by Dave Olson in 1975 has never changed and remains the same.

A Starbucks person asked a person if she would like a drink made with the Signature Espresso Roast. The person said no unless the recipe calls for a Blonde Espresso or she specifically requests it.

What Is The Starbucks Blonde Espresso?

Signature is the darkest coffee that Starbucks sells, and has been used for espresso shots and espresso-based drinks for about half a century.

The new Starbucks Light Roast Blonde Espresso is a delicious coffee that offers smooth and sweet citrus notes.

The Blond Espresso is a classic espresso, that is a true “espresso”, and has a rich flavor profile. Although it goes well with plant milks like almond milk or oat milk, it goes great with honey.

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso
(1 to 4 oz) Blonde Espresso, add ice, shake, add brown sugar syrup, milk, and whip.

How Much Caffeine Is There In Starbucks Espresso Shots?

Starbucks espresso roasting process uses a unique blend of coffee beans, steam pressure, and flavorings, to produce an espresso roast that delivers a great crema and is smooth and well-balanced in flavor.

Most coffee drinkers know that espresso is coffee with a lot of caffeine in it and it has a more bold flavor that’s usually stronger.

Roasting coffee leads to a loss of moisture and flavor, so dark roast means less coffee.


The final espresso shots at Starbucks have around 10 milligrams of caffeine.

Which Espresso Blend Does Starbucks Use For Handcrafted Drinks?

Espresso is a bitter-sweet drink with a strong taste that originates from Italy. It is characterized by the addition of coffee grounds and water and is drunk black. Also, espresso is a drink brewed with a strong coffee bean. In the case of Starbucks Espresso, the coffee beans used are dark roast, and it is the only way the drink is brewed.

As well, they can ask for no caffeine if they can’t drink caffeine.

Caramel Macchiato, White Chocolate Mocha, Cappuccinos, and the regular Latte are made with a Signature Dark Espresso Roast.

However, the espresso beans used in the espresso drinks such as the Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte and Blonde Vanilla Latte are the Blonde Espresso roast.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Making Iced Coffee?

Starbucks uses Pike Place medium roast to make iced coffee on the iced brewer, which is brewed hot and sits at room temperature until opened.

In order to avoid this inconvenience, Starbucks’ store are now selling both Blonde and Decaf coffee for iced coffee.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of paying for a cup of iced coffee where a customer specifically requests a Blonde or Decaf coffee for iced coffee, Starbucks are now selling both Blonde and Decaf cups of iced coffee, as the Blonde and Decaf roasts are almost indistinguishable.

In the Starbucks Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, there is 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk, two pumps of vanilla, and
2 shots of espresso.


Starbuck’s Espresso is made with their Signature Dark Espresso Roast and can be ordered as espresso, cappuccino, and Latte.

The Regular and Dark Espresso Roast beans are used in making cappuccinos and most lattes. They also make up the bulk of the ground espresso.

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