Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt? (not What You Think)

Starbucks is a very famous coffee brand. However, it also has its share of critics. And one of the things they have criticized Starbucks for is the burnt taste of the coffee.

Well, I’m not sure if the critics are right, the coffee may have indeed been burnt, but not because Starbucks roasts the beans themselves, but because the roasting process may have been done by the coffee shop. The coffee shop may have used a low quality coffee bean (like we’ve seen before), or they may have roasted it too long so much that the flavor became burnt.

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Burnt In 2022?

A darker roast helps to keep the taste consistent in their stores. The intense taste also pairs well with ingredients for Starbucks’ coffee-based drinks, like the popular Frappuccino. The burnt or bitter taste is also due to the fact that Starbucks’ brewed coffee is more concentrated.

You should drink coffee from Starbucks if you don’t like burnt coffee. If you are looking for something different, you can go to Starbucks and ask to drink their coffee without burnt flavors.

Another Reason Behind Why Starbucks Coffee Has a Unique Flavor

The fact is that the people who work in the kitchen make the coffee the way it needs to be and no one is going to be able to figure the best way to make coffee from scratch until they are old and gray.

According to the article, the dark roast doesn’t necessarily have an undesirable flavor, but it’s the way that Starbucks makes the coffee that gives it a burnt taste.

Starbucks uses more coffee than other coffee shops, and its espresso is more intense than what you get elsewhere.

Coffee drinkers who are used to the kind of generic coffee served at restaurants might find the strength of the coffee in Starbucks a bit hard to drink.

Does Starbucks Purposely Burn Their Coffee?

Starbucks coffee is said to be slightly burnt as some critics from Consumer Reports magazine described that it smells like burned coffee beans. Other customers of Starbucks say that the aroma of the coffee is not bad although some customers complain about its slightly high price.

However, this is not a burnt roast, but is instead a “dark roast,” which gives the impression of the beans tasting burnt. I’m really hoping that this was a fluke and not a permanent issue.


There is a difference between the two options.

Coffee which is darker roasted has a richer taste than the light roast. It also has the byproduct of the coffee tasting like burnt.

Starbucks coffee tastes burnt, even though the coffee isn’t burnt.


The best explanation that I know of, which fits your context perfectly, is the following paragraph from Chapter 9 of the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson.

Why Does Starbucks Over-roast Their Beans?

Firstly, most people don’t know that coffee is more complex than they think. For example, the flavor of the most expensive beans can differ from the flavor of the cheapest. Another example is an artisan espresso.

Starbucks was the first coffee shop to roast it black, because they wanted the first customers to think they’d gone to a coffee store in Europe, where dark roasting was the norm.

Starbucks made the best coffee in the world not by doing something different. Instead, they took a shortcut by focusing on the little details.

The higher caffeine is extracted from coffee, the faster it can be brewed. You can get the most caffeine by pulling the espresso machine out and pouring it directly into your cup.

You can brew one cup of coffee this way. Use a larger pot to brew a few cups.

Starbucks has been pushing for speed for a long time. They are always pushing customers to make their purchase in a quick manner.

Not only is the coffee expensive for a chain, but it also doesn’t taste good. Starbucks lost more than $5 billion last year.

Dark Roasts Taste Better With Milk, Sugar And Cream

The intense flavor of the dark roasted coffee can help to preserve the coffee taste in drinks like the Frappuccino.

It is best that you start with a regular cup of coffee with milk or cream, and then add sugar and a little more on a regular basis depending on the coffee’s flavor.

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Taste Bitter?

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine and can keep you awake; and although coffee drinkers can experience these effects in small amounts.

The bitterness is somewhat less, but that’s not a good way to drink espresso.

What To Drink Instead Of Dark Roast

Starbucks is a company that’s highly responsive to the complaints about burnt coffee taste, and they decided to do some product testing to find out what caused the taste.

Now let’s see if our paraphrasing is correct with our original text.

I think Starbucks is on to something when they introduce new varieties of coffee like the medium and blondes. It’s easy to get carried away with more and more varieties of coffee. I’d like to introduce the “Medium and Blonde Roast”. That way you can easily identify if “it tastes burnt”.

You can now get iced coffee just like you’d get at Starbucks, only at a much cheaper price.

While coffee drinkers know that a “light” coffee roast has a milder taste, but the higher the amount of caffeine, the faster a person will be affected.

Coffee is usually made by grinding, soaking, and then drying coffee beans, but there are some exceptions. If you know what type of coffee and how it was made, you can better understand how the beans will roast.

A dark roast will have a more coffee flavor than a lighter roast, but less caffeine.

If you want to find out more about Starbucks, you can also read our post on how many calories in Starbucks hot chocolate, what coffee drink has the most caffeine, and where Starbucks gets their coffee beans.


Starbucks is an American company that opened it’s first outlet in Philadelphia in 1987. The company serves many different kinds of drinks that are based off of coffee. The company focuses on coffee and their drinks including the Frappuccino.

Roasters have been known to brew blends that are a bit more concentrated to make the aroma more intense. Customers looking for a less intense brew can order a medium or blonde roast.

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